Why is drinking enough water a habit we should all adopt?

“Water makes up two thirds of our body. It is vital we drink enough fluid to maintain a healthy balance. Many people get dehydrated by not drinking enough fluid or by losing fluids and not replacing them.” (NHS) H20 Water is incredibly important to our health and well-being. Without water you wouldn’t be able toContinue reading “Why is drinking enough water a habit we should all adopt?”

Are you too stubborn for your own good?

There are so many opinions in the world. You can have so many different conversations about the same topic and learn so many different points of view; which can be incredible… if you open your mind up to have these conversations without stubbornness stunting your ability to listen. Sometimes having an element of stubbornness inContinue reading “Are you too stubborn for your own good?”

Mental Health Awareness

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. Firstly, it is incredible that we have weeks dedicated to certain taboo’s as, well, they shouldn’t be taboo, so the more we bring them to the masses the more people will be educated and understanding (hopefully); allowing us to feel able to talk more freely about such topicsContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness”

You can’t social distance from yourself – Isolation Addition

Social distancing is a thing of the present. Whether we like it or not we are being told to keep a safe distance from not only Joe Bloggs in the Supermarket but from the ones we love most in this world (unless you are lucky enough to live with them that it). However there isContinue reading “You can’t social distance from yourself – Isolation Addition”

How Do I Cope With Change? – Isolation Addition

Who likes change? As humans we aren’t as keen on change as we would like ourselves to believe. Even though change is one of the most natural things in the world we naturally struggle with it. Strange. Whether it’s due to the lack of control, the fear of the unknown, past experiences, not wanting toContinue reading “How Do I Cope With Change? – Isolation Addition”

What is Motivation and where can I find it? – Isolation Addition

Who is lacking motivation? The response to this question would unfortunately see the majority of you raise your hand. Some of you might be coping really well and be enjoying lockdown to a certain extent but what about those of us that are really struggling to even get dressed each day? How can we findContinue reading “What is Motivation and where can I find it? – Isolation Addition”