Why is drinking enough water a habit we should all adopt?

Water makes up two thirds of our body. It is vital we drink enough fluid to maintain a healthy balance. Many people get dehydrated by not drinking enough fluid or by losing fluids and not replacing them.” (NHS)


Water is incredibly important to our health and well-being. Without water you wouldn’t be able to anything you love to do; as quite frankly, you would not exist.

Humans require water in order to survive but how many of us actually take our hydration seriously? Many people see water as boring and tasteless, they don’t enjoy drinking it so forget to, or would much rather grab a quick bottle of fizz to quench their thirst. Even if you quite enjoy water we can still sometimes get through the day without even acknowledging that we haven’t drank enough of it.

But why is it so important that we top up on H20?

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Water helps create every part of us. Every system in the human body requires water to properly function and without it we would not survive long at all. As you see in the image above the organs and structures of our body not only require water to operate efficiently/at all but they are actually made up of more water than you might of first realised.

Furthermore, water has a direct effect on:

Your healthas previously stated your body needs water to operate and function properly but it can also help remove toxins from your body, reduce the risk of disease and even help reduce joint pain.

Your mood if you are dehydrated you will be fatigued, experience dizzy spells and be all round more irritable and not much fun to be around.

Your skin – although there are many external factors that help to keep your skin hydrated if you don’t drink enough water your skin will become dry and lose it’s elasticity. When dehydrated it is also more likely to wrinkle.

Your weightfor many reasons your weight will be effected by how hydrated you are. Water helps aid digestion and the movement of energy around the body. If you aren’t hydrated not only will your muscles not be able to perform to their highest potential but their recovery will also suffer limiting your ability to move/exercise effectively.

Your brainwater has a direct effect on your concentration levels, your cognition and your memory. Plus the brain runs the show so if you’re not keeping it lubricated the entire operation could fall apart.

All in all water is necessary. If you want to live a long, happy, healthy life it is important that you ensure to keep hydrated, and with water being easily accessible you don’t have much excuse for not working on this particular habit,

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Also a good way to check for dehydration is by noting the colour of your urine.

So if you struggle to remember to drink through the day – carry a bottle around with you so you are constantly reminded (plus you are more likely to drink something when it is with you), try setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to have a drink, or you can download apps that will help you remember (I have used Plant Nanny before which I would recommend). You can even make a pact with yourself that when you go out for drinks or for a meal that you will have half a glass of water in-between your other drinks – this helps keep the hangover at bay too! Win-Win!

Don’t be guzzling down 3litres at the beginning of the day and ticking it off as done (like seriously don’t do this), but water your body throughout the day (aiming for between 2-3l or 8 glasses) and see the benefits that ensue.


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