Are you too stubborn for your own good?

There are so many opinions in the world. You can have so many different conversations about the same topic and learn so many different points of view; which can be incredible… if you open your mind up to have these conversations without stubbornness stunting your ability to listen.

Sometimes having an element of stubbornness in your nature can be useful and a good thing as you are more likely to not be easily manipulated and it can come from a place of passion; which is a good attribute to possess.

However, just like anything, too much of it can have a negative effect.

There is always more to learn and room to grow.

So if you enter a conversation with a narrow mind, completely set in your ways, you miss out on the opportunity to grow and learn.

I can’t tell you how many of my opinions have changed over the years. Growing up our main opinion source is our parents/family so it is very likely you will have the same set of fundamental beliefs that they do. As you get into your teenage years your peer group takes over somewhat and you are more likely to oppose your parents opinions if they differ to that of your friends. As you keep moving through life you will surround yourself with many different people and be a part of a variety of groups – social, work based, relationships etc, and you may find that your opinions on certain subjects alter depending on the people you associate with.

This is not a bad thing.

It is not a weakness to change your opinion.

Some people see it as a lack of mental strength and even intelligence to allow others to change your mind (roll on stubbornness) but, as I previously said; it can actually be that you have learnt and grown into new opinions that are more developed and educated than the ones you previously possessed.

You will find as you age you opt for who you spend your time with more than when you were younger. You will naturally gravitate towards people with similar beliefs to you, however I don’t think you should ever stop having conversations with people who think differently to you; not necessarily to challenge them but to challenge yourself.

It doesn’t have to always be a heated discussion or debate, it can just be a sharing of opinions, after all we are allowed to think differently. Just try not to allow yourself to be so set in your ways, so close minded and stubborn that you don’t actually listen and digest what you are listening to. Passion is great. But not all passion is sister to stubbornness. Your stubbornness could actually be holding you back.

If you think you know it all, you’ve already lost.

And it doesn’t solely apply to conversations – be careful you don’t let your stubbornness stop you from apologising, from taking opportunities that come your way, don’t let it create rifts between people you care about or keep you from being happy.

Don’t stunt your own growth by being too stubborn for your own good.

So have a look around you. Who do you predominantly converse with? What kind of shows do you tend to watch? What books, magazines, news articles do you read? If you don’t have much variety in there just try mixing it up a little bit. Until you open yourself up to things outside of your current mindset you will never truly know if your opinions are based on bias and a lack of knowledge or if they are 100% your own beliefs. Where as if you open up to the world around you, if you step out of your comfort zone and collate opinions from as many sides as possible, you can form your own opinion and know you haven’t purely been a subject of your environment.

Things change constantly. Don’t be stubborn and never allow your opinion to change.

Learn from others. Grow in yourself.

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