Just a little note to make you smile.

This week I just want to try and spread a little bit of joy. We are still in very uncharted waters; everyone is doing their best to find the safest route out of this situation however it is completely new to us all so we just have to keep coming together and doing our bit.

Most of us are still fairly uncertain and confused at whether anything has actually changed for the time being in terms of lockdown but until we have a clearer path marked out for us, unfortunately we just need to stay on the same one we’ve been on for the last couple of months.

So lets try to find a little bit of joy to help us through.

Obviously there are the many challenges going on on social media right now, all the tiktok dances and parody videos. We can be getting out in the fresh air to help blow the cobwebs away, soaking up as much vitamin D as we can, and of course the majority of the population will be coming out of lockdown as master quizzers.

But make sure you’re doing the thing that fills you up. Don’t feel you have to jump on every quiz offered to you, or that you must be getting outside every single day… you do you and fill your own cup up with what ever you like most. Me I enjoy a flavoured green tea in my cup; or a black coffee (I am missing coffee from a proper coffee machine I wont lie!).

Incase you’re struggling to fill your own cup up though, and the generic – have a pamper session, do something arty, read, listen to a podcast, ring your best mate for a natter…. aren’t quite hitting the spot right now, here are some wonderful ‘bad (or dad)‘ jokes that might make you smile.


A guy walks into a chippy with a large salmon under his arm he asks the owner;

“Do you do fish cakes”

The owner replies “Yeah we do fish cakes”

The customer replies “Fantastic! It’s his birthday!”


What is Red and Juicy and Round?

A Lemon disguised as a Strawberry.


Two muffins were in the oven and one turned to the other and said

“Gosh it’s hot in here!”

The other muffin replied,



What does a house wear?

A dress


A family of 4 tomatoes were crossing the road. Suddenly a car came along and ran over one of them. The others shouted back to the squished tomato; “KETCHUP!”

Dad jokes are the best!! 

Keep your chin up. Keep you cup as full as possible. And if you need anymore bad jokes just let me know!!


See the source image

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Hi, I'm Laura; a Personal Trainer with a passion to help people fall in love with themselves!! #BETTYOUCAN

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