STOP BEING SO JUDGY – Isolation Addition

We are currently in a very strange time. The world is not in it’s ‘normal’ state. We are being forced to distance ourselves from each other; which is hard when as a species we are naturally social creatures.

However! Social Media has allowed us to stay connected to a decent degree during all of this. Usually I would argue that social media creates a false sense of community and social experiences but in a time like this I do feel that it has allowed people to come together to help each other through the current pandemic.

What annoys me about the use of social media in this time is the passive aggressive judgement thrown (sometimes not even passively) towards each other for trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

Here’s the thing… we are all going through this, but we are all experiencing it in a different way. So you may be fine in isolation; you may be with at least one other person who you get on with, you may still have things to fill your day, you may even be enjoying having sometime to focus on doing things you never usually have the time to do. Your time in isolation is very different to the person who is isolating alone, or the one who is with an abusive partner, the one who has just lost their job and doesn’t know how they are going to buy next weeks food let alone cover the rent. The one who is pregnant but can’t share the experience with her loved ones or the one who is used to getting up early and getting to the gym for a heavy weights session before starting the day as it’s the only thing that has helped their mental health over the last few years.

We Are All Different. Don't Judge, Understand Instead | Leaf ...

Everyone is different. Everyone will experience this experience in a slightly different way. So stop judging people for not moving through this in a way that is different to your own.

And I am not just talking about people who ‘have it better’ casting judgement over people who ‘have it worse off’. No. This is for anyone who has criticized anybody else during this time for doing what they need to do to get through it in one piece.

I have seen a lot of comments about the excess of home workout videos posted. Now I agree there has been ALOT… and I get how this might not be well recieved for someone who hasn’t had any drive to do any form of exercise over the past couple of weeks and seeing everyone else’s videos just makes you feel guilty about this, but the thing is for some people the gym is their livelihood and so the only option for them right now is to try to generate work and clients, if not for right now then for once this is all over, by posting workouts to social media… and most of them are currently doing it a lot for FREE! so why complain?! They aren’t forcing you to do the workout, or even criticizing you if you choose not to, they are simply giving you an option.

It is a FACT that exercise helps people both mentally and physically. Exercise IS the MOST effective yet MOST under used antidepressant. So to have an abundance of people offering help and guidance is not a bad thing and it doesn’t deserve negative judgement being thrown towards it. And this also goes for fitness professionals judging celebs for posting workouts – people have always had the option of sub par training and guidance for free online but as a professional in the industry it is your job to show them what they actually need; without alienating them for having tried an ‘influencer workout’.

I do whole heartedly agree with the people who are saying “if you don’t want to exercise in this time don’t feel pressured”, “you don’t need to come out of this any lighter than you went in” and “if you emotionally eat to excess then don’t feel guilty about it”. There should be absolutely no pressure on you to do anything in this time that you just don’t want to do. You don’t need to put pressure on yourself to make something ‘positive’ come out of this.

However, don’t judge the people who are.

Don’t judge people who are not only using this time to work on certain things in a hope to come out of it with a new skill or qualification, a new hobby or a new found respect and understanding for themselves, but who are actually also offering help to others to do the same. You can take the help if you want; but you also reserve the right to not take it. I would just question your right to judge these ‘people pressuring you‘ when all they are doing is offering help whilst also probably helping themselves from falling into a pit of despair.

I personally, love to help people. So the fact that I am trying to use this time to gain further knowledge and qualifications to help not only my current clients but as many other people as I can, both during isolation and for when we no longer need to isolate, is actually helping me mentally get through this time too.

There is without a doubt ALOT of pressure out there but the pressure has always been there and will always be there. The thing is the one controlling the pressure isn’t anyone on your social media feed, it’s you. Not the person offering you a new home workout, or the guy selling you an online course, not the person talking to you about self development or the girl who has used isolation to drop 50lbs. You and only you hold the pressure valve. You’re the one in control.

So please stop judging other people for doing what they need to do to survive. If you don’t like what you see then stop looking in that direction. Focus yourself on you and what will make you happy. You do You and let others do themselves without unnecessary judgement.

The world is full of enough negativity right now; try to not unnecessarily contribute any more .

And if you do need help. Just ask.


Here is a silly video I made to help myself, and as many other people as I could, smile during all this. 

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