How Do I Cope With Change? – Isolation Addition

Who likes change? As humans we aren’t as keen on change as we would like ourselves to believe. Even though change is one of the most natural things in the world we naturally struggle with it. Strange. Whether it’s due to the lack of control, the fear of the unknown, past experiences, not wanting toContinue reading “How Do I Cope With Change? – Isolation Addition”

What is Motivation and where can I find it? – Isolation Addition

Who is lacking motivation? The response to this question would unfortunately see the majority of you raise your hand. Some of you might be coping really well and be enjoying lockdown to a certain extent but what about those of us that are really struggling to even get dressed each day? How can we findContinue reading “What is Motivation and where can I find it? – Isolation Addition”

Nutrition- Easter Egg Overload; Cue The Panic.

You’re in isolation. You are already struggling to not eat your emotions. You are worrying that you are gaining weight by the second. You are feeling rubbish about… well pretty much everything, so you eat some more as this is where you are used to finding your comfort. And the guilt cycle starts again. SoundContinue reading “Nutrition- Easter Egg Overload; Cue The Panic.”

STOP BEING SO JUDGY – Isolation Addition

We are currently in a very strange time. The world is not in it’s ‘normal’ state. We are being forced to distance ourselves from each other; which is hard when as a species we are naturally social creatures. However! Social Media has allowed us to stay connected to a decent degree during all of this.Continue reading “STOP BEING SO JUDGY – Isolation Addition”