5 SURVIVAL TIPS – Isolation Addition

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the beer is cold; there’s just one thing wrong with this picture… we’re all in isolation.

The world has gone into lockdown. Each country has it’s own version of what this means and we are all at slightly different stages but nethertheless we are all not living our normal lives for a while.

How are you doing? Are you coping? Are you struggling? 

Are you isolating alone? Are you missing people already? Are you enjoying having some space? 

We are all in different circumstances within the lockdown and we will all feel slightly different about it but you must remember that we are all going through it together. You are perfectly viable to feel the way you do, to not have the PMA or the motivation to “make the most out of the situation” or to have anxiety of how long this will last and where we will all be once it’s over. They are your emotions and you are allowed to feel them without any guilt or judgement.

However, from my own personal experience, I do find that although it is necessary to respect your emotions, letting them control you for too long makes it harder in the long run; and motivation is more often than not made rather than found. Meaning sometimes we have to not only respect our emotions but we must respect ourselves enough to do the things that maybe we don’t feel like doing but know will be good for us.

So I’ve compiled a little list of 5 things to try to help you get through this crazy time as positively as possible. After all, even though we don’t need to use this time to become a better version of ourselves we don’t want to lose ourselves during it either.


  •  ROUTINE. Get yourself into a routine and try your best to stick to it as much as possible. Get up around the same time every day, and ideally before 9am (even if you currently aren’t working) and have blocks throughout the day where you will focus on different things i.e. cleaning block, exercise blog, selfcare block, eating block, relax block etc etc. Creating a little timetable for yourself will help normalise the situation and keep your mind busy.
  • MOVE DAILY. You don’t need to full on break a sweat every single day but definitely get moving. Go for a walk, do some yoga, jog, join an online class, dance around your living room… just move. After all Movement IS Medicine.
  • NUTRITION.  Don’t feel guilty for eating a packet of biscuits or a family share bag of crisps in one go… I will admit I have done this many a time (in the past week that is!!)… just be conscious that we don’t want this to become our norm. Ensure you are getting as many nutrient dense foods in as possible. What you eat hugely effects how you feel so keep eating the rainbow and stay hydrated too!!
  • SLEEP. Sleep is undeniably a crazy important factor in your over all wellbeing. Sleep is where we recover and recharge. If you’re struggling to get a decent nights sleep in try looking at your evening routine. Wind yourself down. Maybe meditate or light a candle and do some journaling… what ever you need to do to try to turn your mind off for a bit do it 30-60mins before you go to bed and aim for 7-9hours.
  •  HAVE FUN! I know we are limited to our usual activities right now but don’t stop having fun daily! Whether you learn a new skill, get creative, sing along to instrumental backing tracks on YouTube, do some baking, schedule in some video chats with friends and maybe a few virtual games, create an obstacle course around your house, build a fort or I will say it again dance around your living room! Do something to make you smile. As daft or silly as it might seem, as conscious as you might be doing it, just let go of your inhibitions and go for it!

As I previously stated; you are allowed to feel like crap. You can cry, scream, eat your emotions or just feel numb; these feelings are viable and allowed. Just try to remind yourself of all the good things around you; practice gratitude, focus on you for a bit, do things that you wouldn’t have usually gotten round to. This is YOUR time. So don’t feel guilty for not being the KING or QUEEN of lockdown; you just do you but ensure you are looking after you.

And obviously if you need help just ask.

We will get through this! You CAN!



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Hi, I'm Laura; a Personal Trainer with a passion to help people fall in love with themselves!! #BETTYOUCAN

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