Course’s coming out of my ears!

Do you always look to improve your skill set? Do you ever do a course just because you want to or is it always to enhance your career prospects? 

This month I have been on two different courses and have a few more in the pipe line.

The two courses I went on this month were to gain further qualifications to help me within my business as a Personal Trainer.

Both were about opening up more avenues for myself within the health and fitness industry but one was more focused on growing my business fairly immediately in a monetary sense, whereas the other was first and foremost about expanding my knowledge so I have more to offer to others.

The first was to become a STRONG by ZUMBA instructor. It was a one day course and involved me taking part in a class before; learning it, showing my ability to lead a class and breaking down all the movements discussing how best to adapt them for the different abilities of the class. It took a full day to complete the course and then I received a certificate to say I was now I qualified instructor.


I really enjoyed the day and as a trainer who loves instructing classes this seemed like a great avenue for me to explore, as now I can look to create a Strong by Zumba community in my gym or even in my local area. I can take a different kind of class to a variety of people whilst also increasing how much I am earning weekly by doing something I enjoy. (A bit of extra pocket money is always well received).

The second of the courses took place over an entire weekend and was quite a lot more in depth than the previous. This course was to become a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1). You had to participate in the entire weekend in order to pass; it involved practical workshops, lectures, workouts and an exam. Now, seen as I had an injury and don’t like exams it is safe to say I was more nervous about this course than the first.

CrossFit is something that only came into my life about a year and a half ago, but it has been a huge part of my journey and I feel I already owe it a lot. Which is why I chose to do the course… not so I could immediately start coaching in a CrossFit gym but so I could grow in knowledge around something that I enjoy and means a lot to me. I also wanted the opportunity to enhance my ability as a PT and have more to give my clients.

Of course there is an part of me thinking about the future and possibly becoming a coach at some point, but that wasn’t my immediate reason for taking the course. The immediate reason was to grow in knowledge and ability, so I had more to offer others. Despite being nervous, as I am still new to the CrossFit world and have a lot to develop with my own skill set, I wanted to do the course for me.

After a great weekend, which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish, I completed the sit down test and hoped that I had done more than enough to pass.

I received an email this weekend just gone stating that I…. am now…. a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer!! I PASSED!! 


The point of this post isn’t just to share my success, (although I am very happy with myself for gaining these two qualifications), but to hopefully inspire you to go for it yourself! To take that course you’ve been putting off. To gain a qualification in something that interests you. To stop thinking “I will when…” or “Maybe that’s not for me”. If you want it GO FOR IT. Whether its something to help you progress in your career or just something that you’re interested in for you don’t put off.

Growing is a part of life and you shouldn’t shy away from it. Never stop learning.

The more you learn the more you have to offer and the more confidence you can have in your own ability. But don’t just do something to progress your career, do it because it is something you want to do.

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Hi, I'm Laura; a Personal Trainer with a passion to help people fall in love with themselves!! #BETTYOUCAN

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