Will losing weight make you healthy?

I saw a post on Instagram this past weekend that said “weight is not a sign of health”.

What do you think when reading that? How does it make you feel? Do you agree?

Now before you get all defensive and ague that “of course it is a sign of health! If you are significantly underweight or overweight that is not healthy!” and yes this is definitely true. However the post was commenting against the idea that weight loss = healthy and that if you are looking to be healthy you are better off focusing on other factors such as sleep, energy levels, mental health, strength and concentration levels, as apposed to weight loss to monitor this.

You can lose weight and still be very unhealthy. So don’t think you will automatically be healthier if you reduce the numbers on the scales.

Of course saying that, if you are significantly over weight and are told to lose weight by a doctor to reduce risks such as heart disease then losing weight is one of the things that will help you be healthier. But still it is just one. If you lose weight but still… eat lots of processed foods, never get out of the house, smoke 10 a day, cry each night into your pillow… you get the drift…. then you aren’t healthy even if you have dropped a few pounds.

So ensure that you are not chasing weight loss in order to label yourself healthy. In actual fact if you focus on other factors of health and build good, healthy habits you will find your weight will find a naturally healthy place of it’s own accord. Weight-gain or weight-loss is a byproduct of either good or bad habits (and one is not specific to either – good habits don’t always mean weight loss and bad mean weight gain and visa versa); so sort out those habits and you will most likely see a change in your weight, if you have change to be made (i.e. if you are already at a ‘healthy weight’ for your body you might not see much alter on the scales but you will still be healthier).

Does that make sense?

Don’t live your life thinking weight loss will be the answer to all your problems. It wont. Address the actual issues. Form healthy habits. Look after your body, your mind and your soul. And you will soon realise that there is so much more to health, and to life, than how much you weigh.

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