Start and End your day on a positive note!

This year one of my aims is to get myself into a good Morning and Evening Routine.


For one I definitely needed to ‘practice what I preach‘, as I tell all my clients that this is something they should do.

But the main reason, and the reason I tell my clients that they should get themselves a good morning and evening routine too, is because it actually, genuinely, makes such positive difference.

I have made the excuse that I am in work for 6am every morning so don’t have the time to get up any earlier for a morning routine… and then in the evening I make the excuse that I am tired and it is way more important that I just chill and try to get to sleep instead of ticking off my evening routine.

Excuses Excuses.

We all make them.

The thing is, last week I made a promise to myself that I would stick to my morning routine each day and I already feel so much better for it. And this week, whilst continuing with the morning routine I have created, I am going to focus on getting my evening routine sorted.

Starting and ending the day on a positive note creates a positive space for the stuff in-between to manifest. 

So what should these routines entail?

Well it all depends on you and what you need in order to get yourself in the best mind frame to start the day or to unwind at the end so you can sleep more soundly.

Personally, I would recommend them including the following:


  • Something to get you moving – i.e. some stretches/ an exercise (I do 5 press ups included in between my stretches as I want to improve on them)
  • Something to get your mind in a positive place – i.e. meditation/breathing exercises (I listen to a 10minute youtube meditation before I even get out of bed)
  • Something to give you a sense of accomplishment – i.e. something to set the tone for the rest of the day (I always make my bed)
  •  Something to make your brain smile – i.e. something silly and uninhibited (I put on some music whilst getting ready and have a little dance)
  •  Something to set your mindset for the day – i.e. an affirmation/compliment (I pick a weekly affirmation that I say to myself each morning and I also give myself a compliment – a lot of people will struggle with this but I recommend it so much, even if you’re faking it until you make it.)

When you piece it all together it can be done in 10minutes (depending on how long a meditation you do) and you can alter it depending on how much time you have each morning/if you are waking up somewhere else.


  • Something to help you reflect – i.e. writing down something you’re grateful for
  •  Something to clear your head – i.e. journaling
  • Something to set yourself up for tomorrow – i.e. packing your bag and writing out a to-do list
  • Something to show that you care about yourself – I.e. a beauty regime (I ensure I know floss every night as although I can never be arsed I know its good for me)
  • Something to relax your body – i.e. a bath/some stretches (I have an accupunture mat that I will use some nights)
  • Something to switch off your brain – i.e. a guided meditation (this honestly helps me fall into a deep sleep)

Your evening routine can take a bit longer than your morning, but again it can be adapted for your needs, your time and where you are. You can condense it into a 15 minute wind down or you can spend a good hour going through stuff – the beauty of it is it is all about you and you’re in control. You have to find what works best for you.

So have a play.

Like I said, last week I worked mainly on my morning routine and feel like I found one that works for me and sets me up ready to smash the rest of the day! This week I am going to focus a bit more on my evening routine, it will probably take some trial and error but I have the time to work on it because it’s purely between me and me.

Morning and Evening Routines help you get into a better headspace which not only allows you to enjoy the day more, sleep better and shows a level of self-respect, but it also allows you to be in a better frame of mind to give more to others. If your mind is positive and your body is rested/energised you have more to offer.

Give it a go.

Work on starting and ending your day on a positive note and see what a world of difference it makes!

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