Is your year planned out to a tee?

Do you plan everything out to a tee?

Or do you just wing it as what will be will be?

Or does it completely depend on the situation?

I would say I am a little here and a little there depending on the situation at hand and my current mood/mind frame. Some occasions I like to plan and know exactly what I am doing: what, what, when, why and how!! But other instances I take a very laid back approach.

If I’m honest I try my hardest to be more laid back than not as I find myself getting flustered if things don’t go to plan – if I’ve made one. I then struggle to enjoy things as much as I could do if I am not fully prepared; as I was prepping myself for a different set of plans… which obviously isn’t ideal.

This year I have many plans. BIG plans to achieve a whole host of different things.

Career based goals. Fitness based goals. Personal based goals.

I have a plethora of things I want to tick off come the end of 2020 and this can be somewhat worrisome when you are the type of person who stresses when things don’t go to plan!

So how am I coping with it?

Simply by taking a deep breath and taking each day as it comes.

I have wrote down my goals and created loose plans on how I will achieve them (note the term loose: I have necessary points I need to achieve en route to my end goal but by creating a loose plan I allow myself to be more open to change). I have bought myself a yearly planner (It’s actually a ‘law of attraction planner’ off Amazon; and I’m still working my way through it but so far it looks MINT!) and each night I intend on writing down my plan for the next day. So I have something that keeps me in the present as apposed to planning out my entire week/month and then stressing if things change, I can take it one day at a time.

Of course the goals I have for the year require me to look into the future, however, if we only focus on the end goal we allow more opportunity for a negative mindset to creep in if we go off course. Yet if we break our goals down into smaller goals, and those again into even smaller goals, we can use it as a ladder and eventually we will have climbed to the top where our big goal is waiting for us.

So, I will spend 5minutes each night prepping myself for the day to come, as part of my evening routine (post on morning and evening routines to follow soon). Then if something happens the following day that throws me off plan I intend to take a deep breath and tell myself

“Life happens. Plans change. Tomorrow is there to take over from today.”

Planning is good. Planning allows you to give yourself drive and purpose. However, you don’t want plans for tomorrow to stop you living in the now. Enjoy today. Enjoy the spontaneity that life throws at you. Take it one day at a time and before you know it you’ll have made it to where you were aiming for, except you might have actually enjoyed the journey rather than look back on a past filled with stress.

So don’t allow yourself to give up on the big plans and goals you have set yourself for 2020! Be kind to yourself. Make sure your goals are realistic and achievable, set yourself a POA; but then take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey.

You’ve got this!

and seen as it’s the first full week of 2020….



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