Is your security blanket slowing suffocating you?

I went for afternoon tea with one of my favourite people last week (I do seem to go for afternoon tea quite a bit lately… is this adulthood? haha) and we always end up chatting about quite deep stuff. We can open up to each other without fear of mockery or judgement and therefor ourContinue reading “Is your security blanket slowing suffocating you?”

Will losing weight make you healthy?

I saw a post on Instagram this past weekend that said “weight is not a sign of health”. What do you think when reading that? How does it make you feel? Do you agree? Now before you get all defensive and ague that “of course it is a sign of health! If you are significantlyContinue reading “Will losing weight make you healthy?”

Start and End your day on a positive note!

This year one of my aims is to get myself into a good Morning and Evening Routine. Why? For one I definitely needed to ‘practice what I preach‘, as I tell all my clients that this is something they should do. But the main reason, and the reason I tell my clients that they shouldContinue reading “Start and End your day on a positive note!”

Is your year planned out to a tee?

Do you plan everything out to a tee? Or do you just wing it as what will be will be? Or does it completely depend on the situation? I would say I am a little here and a little there depending on the situation at hand and my current mood/mind frame. Some occasions I likeContinue reading “Is your year planned out to a tee?”