I’m only human after all.

It’s been a while.

I don’t have an excuse.

I’ve just not made the time.

I am only human after all and sometimes we let things slip or allow things to get in the way.

Which brings me on to this weeks topic….(sing it don’t say it)

“I’m only human after all.”

Lately I have really tried to accept that “I am only human”. Growing up I really wanted to be a superhero (as most do I think?) but not so much so I could be really strong and fly around… although of course they would be perks of the job (assuming they were my powers)… instead I wanted to be a superhero so I could save the world.

Everytime I heard about a crime on the news, which unfortunately is pretty much 24/7 these days, I wished I had superhero powers to go and bring justice to the world. To defeat evil and help those in need. And it genuinely got to me that I couldn’t; that I wasn’t able to help.

Now, I’m not telling you this so you believe I am a good person and to get my points up so I get into The Good Place (if you haven’t watched this show on Netflix do so now!). No, I’m telling you this so you can understand how difficult I find it to just accept that bad things happen sometimes with no comeuppance, that there are things we are helpless to. Not only this but that I am a dreamer; I’m the kind of person who likes to believe in magic, who thinks about more than just the day to day and who, even with the small things, wants to achieve greatness.

It has always been a struggle of mine to accept that “we are only human”.

Surely, as humans, we should be able to accomplish more to help solve the issues in the world… especially as we are the cause of pretty much all of them?

I feel guilty for not being vegan or if I use plastic because I don’t want to contribute to the destruction of the planet.

I feel bad if I don’t stop and ask someone if they need help if they look lost, or stuck, or too drunk to function.

I feel ashamed if I allow myself to be lazy too often or don’t get things done when I planned to.

Yes, these are all at completely different ends of a vast spectrum, from saving the planet to writing a weekly blog… but I feel them all (and more). I sometimes feel the weight of the world on my shoulders but have no clue how to save it or if I can keep carrying it.

It’s crazy.

Have you ever felt this way?

That you should be doing more. That you should be better. That you aren’t as good a person as you should be?

Well, just incase you have, and like me wish you were a superhero so you could do it all… I want you to know…

You’re only human.

You are not a superhero.

You will have your own gifts and abilities that you bring to the world but you, unfortunately, don’t have the power to do it all. to fix it all. to save it all. and that is ok.

Now, you shouldn’t take a back seat and use the excuse of “only being human” to not contribute in trying; still try, still get up and go for it, just don’t be harsh on yourself for not being ‘perfect‘.

I have to tell myself that its ok that I’m not vegan right now, that I’m not a bad person for buying a bottle of water if I forgot my reusable one, that I can not give my time to everyone that asks and still be caring and that I can even fall behind on writing a blog and not feel like a failure. I am only human after all.

Life happens. Shit happens. Things get in the way.

Just be Concious. Be Present. Learn. Grow. Contribute. And live a life you are proud of. A life that makes you happy. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist in a linear fashion anyway, its relative, it’s personal and lies within the imperfections. So just do you as well as you can.

You’ve got this!

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Hi, I'm Laura; a Personal Trainer with a passion to help people fall in love with themselves!! #BETTYOUCAN

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