The Happy Place Festival

Have you ever been to a festival?

Do you go regularly?

Have you experienced the stench of music festival porta loos?

Can you handle the baby wipe shower substitute?

Festivals are disgusting in so many ways but they are also epic in so many ways. If you have never been to one I would experience it at least once just to tick it off the list; and if you don’t like it you never have to go to one again.

This year I branched out and didn’t go to a music festival but instead bought a ticket to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival.

It was a weekend thing but you didn’t camp over. It was Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm ish and the choice was yours to either buy tickets for both days or just the one. I opted for the one. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, all I knew was that it wasn’t your typical festival experience.


When we arrived we realised that some of the activities had to be pre booked and therefor we missed out on a few things we would have definitely taken part in, such as meditation classes, however there was still plenty to get involved with and we filled our day from start to finish with all it had to offer.

It didn’t offer your usual music stages and tents with fast food stalls and pungent smells from the toilets… and the people… instead it offered:

  • Taster sessions of different workouts from yoga, to hiit, to bodyweight resistance classes – all held by people and companies popular in the industry.
  • Mindful and Meditation seminars and workshops.
  • A variety of vegetarian and vegan food and drink (some for free).
  • Shopping stalls from businesses within the health and wellness.
  • Massages and energy treatments.
  • Live interviews, talks and podcasts from an array of amazing, influencial people.
  • There was also not a drop of alcohol in sight.


It really was a festival for the mind, body and soul.

I 100% recommend grabbing yourself a ticket for next year if you can. I’m expecting it to be even bigger after the success of it’s first year. It was so refreshing to have a day out with friends, listening and learning, exercising and moving our bodies, eating and drinking delicious healthy food and drink, and just having a day focused on our health and wellness.

Fearne has really created something incredible here and the world definitely needs more of these kinds of festivals.

My Faves from the day:

  • Russel Brand Interview – this man, although he talks incredibly fast like he’s at a spoken word open mic, is incredibly intelligent and spell-bounding. I just love what comes out of his mouth; he really makes you think.
  •  The Energy Treatment – basically a massage that works on your energy… I booked myself in for more sessions so a separate blog will be coming soon on this!
  •  Yoga – it may only have been a 15minute taster but there’s something great about doing yoga outside with a group of people wanting to take in all the positive energy offered to them.
  •  The free Smoothies – I mean not only were they free!! which is always a winner but they were delicious too!!


Festivals don’t always need to revolve around you getting wasted and making a tit of yourself… as much fun as this can be.

So grab your yoga mat and open your mind to the new age of festivals!!

Fearne has started something amazing and I will definitely be attending The Happy Place Festival for years to come!

Would you substitute the beer and tent for smoothies and a yoga mat?

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