The Manchester Colour Run

How did you spend your Saturday?

Me? I spent it jogging around Heaton Park getting chalk thrown into my face.

No joke!!


The Colour Run, also known as the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”, is a unique colour fun run that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality.

Held at Manchester’s Heaton Park, the event saw people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds come together to tackle the 5k route planned out; whilst getting covered head to toe in a multicolour of chalk. People brought their dogs, parents brought their toddlers, friends supported each other along the way; it was honestly such a great sight.

Now, some of you might be thinking… “but it was only a 5k, it’s not like it was a marathon“. This is true, but to some people a 5k IS their marathon! And it was amazing that such a variety of people could come and celebrate what their bodies can do.

You see exercise isn’t about being the fastest, the strongest, the most flexible or the out right best; it’s about celebrating your body and yourself.

Personally, I have never enjoyed running. I had an experience when I was in primary school running a cross country race that scarred me when it came to jogging, so much so that I decided I was allergic to it! So even for me, a PT who has a good level of fitness when it comes to a lot of different physical activities… the thought of a 5k doesn’t sit well with me and I immediately doubt my ability to do it.

However, arriving at this 5k wasn’t daunting at all. Everyone had their Colour Run T-shirts on and their packets of chalk at the ready; smiling and laughing with the people they had come along with. Some were getting ready to run, some jog and the rest to walk. There was no pressure involved in this 5k. It was all about having a good, positive time doing some form of exercise no matter what level you were at. And I love this premise!

I, myself, found the 5k went a lot faster than I anticipated as the thing that gets me most with jogging is I find it completely and utterly BORING! Which is strange because if you ask me to go on an epically long hike I will welcome it with open arms… but ask me to jog for 10 minutes and I immediately want to curse you. Yet, the time during the colour run flew by.

I think it helped a huge amount that not only are my fitness levels now a lot better than they used to be, but more so that I was participating with friends. Having that support and team spirit really helped lift the boredom. I wasn’t bored once in fact. (Plus the shower of chalk every 1k added to the fun element)


So, what is my point?

My point is…

  • Just because to some people a 5k is like a walk in the park, it shouldn’t take away your sense of achievement for completing one; even if you walked it. We are all on our own journeys and you shouldn’t compare yours with someone else’s.
  • Exercise isn’t about being the best. Exercise isn’t only for the already fit. You should exercise to what ever level you can, to celebrate your body and to respect and love yourself enough to do what is good for you.
  • If you struggle to motivate yourself and find certain exercise boring as hell… then try it with a friend or join a group. Having a sense of community can really help to transform your relationship with exercise.
  • The Colour Run is a fecking awesome idea and you should get involved at the next possible opportunity!!

Don’t shy away from exercise because you aren’t fit. Don’t use exercise as a punishment. Movement IS Medicine and if making your way around an organised course with your friends and family, to basically get dyed a multitude of colours for the next few days (yes I am still a lovely shade of blue), is going to get you up and active then find as many of these events as you can!! Get stuck in and enjoy moving your bodies!


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