Every Little Helps

You will have probably heard the saying “every little helps” more times than you can remember. But do you actually believe it?

Just to warn you this post isn’t going to be just about the usual self-love self-care, health and happiness vibe that I usually go for but I’m going to touch on another subject as well.

Yes “every little helps” definitely relates itself to health and fitness but it’s transferable to a lot more things that I also think are worth a mention.

However; lets begin with every little helps in health and fitness.


Do you ever think “oh there’s no point in me eating well or going to the gym today because yesterday was a write off… I’ll just wait until next week”?

Most of us have this thought on a regular basis.

Yet, that day or few days that you spend thinking “there’s no point” are actually days that could help make a difference. Too many of us wait for a new week, a new month, or some form of milestone until we “start over”. Every second of every day can make a difference. Yes it might not seem like it and you might need to collect a lot of these seconds before you see a noticeable difference but the change will never come if you keep throwing these seconds away.

The choice of either spending your evening sitting on the couch eating a family share bag of your chosen ‘treat’ or instead choosing to go for a walk and get some fresh air will make a HUGE difference. It might only be a small thing; going for a walk, but every little helps.

The choice of having a starter, main, dessert AND alcohol every time when out for a meal instead of opting for a starter or dessert, a dessert or a drink will make a difference because… every little helps.

Just think… if you spend everyday thinking “oh I’ll start tomorrow” nothing would ever get done. If you give up after no time at all; nothing will ever progress. You have to keep adding all the little moments and little choices together until eventually you start to see how every one of those little moments have helped.

Now to transfer it elsewhere.

Every little helps doesn’t just refer to your health and fitness.

You can relate it to your career – Staying late a couple of nights to get stuff done. Attending work events to network. Offering to help out on a project. Using your initiative and just getting things done. Every little helps.

Your relationship – Buy that random bunch of flowers. Cook their favourite meal. Put your underwear in the washing basket rather than leaving them on the floor. Compliment them. Every little helps. 

The Planet. – Now this is the big one I wanted to touch upon in this post. I promise I’m not going to preach at you; so try to just stick with me.

Our planet is currently dieing. Fact. 

We are the reason. Fact.

We can make changes that will help. Fact.

I know it’s hard sometimes to think about the negative impact you are having in the world and it’s so much easier to bury your head or make up excuses. But ultimately you have choices; and your choices matter.

I’m not preaching for everyone to go vegan and go back to living like cavemen.

Instead I’m just saying… Think.

Think about your choices and the effect you are having on the planet; the planet that everything you come into contact with calls home.


Little things that can help include:

Cutting back on your meat and dairy intake. 

Stopping using unrecyclable plastic.

Taking reusable cups to coffee shops.

Not always buying things new. 

Taking your own bags to the shop. 

Turning off your lights/ tv/ electronic devices when not using them.

Not leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth. 

All of these are little things that can make a HUGE difference. You don’t have to drastically change your life around in order to make a positive difference; but every little helps.

Some of you might be wondering how it actually makes a difference or thinking “I’m just one person, I wont make a difference”.

Firstly; if everyone thought they couldn’t make a difference then the world would never evolve. Lots of people making a little difference can have a great impact.

Secondly; open your eyes to the world around you. There are natural disasters happening more and more, more amazing animals are becoming extinct, the weather has altered drastically and keeps becoming more and more intense, people are starving and dieing around the world due to dehydration, pollution, and a miss use of resources.

This is our home.

Don’t think “well by the time the world ends I’ll be long gone so I’m not going to change”; instead think about the future of our species, other living things, our entire ecosystem and the planet in general. The world needs you to make even a little change because every little really does help.

And it’s not as hard as it might initially seem. I’m not saying pressure yourself to be the ultimate eco-warrior, just be conscious and thoughtful. Care enough about yourself and others to not have a full bath everyday, to have meatless Mondays or meals, to not buy a new wardrobe every few months and I know paper straws aren’t the easiest things to get on board with but just stop moaning about them and appreciate the difference this small change is having.

Every Little Helps.

And you can help even if you don’t think you can.

Health and Fitness. Happiness. Relationships. Careers. The Planet.


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