Week 4 – Or week no more?

Firstly sorry it’s taken me so long to get this post out to you!


I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks trying to organising my calendar so I could spend as much time with my sister and nieces, who were visiting from America, as possible; and therefore my ability to keep on top of certain things dwindled. However I have found a little bit of time to get this out to you so you don’t think I’ve given up on “The Plan” but don’t want to admit it to you.


The truth is…. I have given up on the plan.

Week 4 turned into Week No More very quickly. It wasn’t even a case of me trying but not quite managing it; it was done and dusted quite honestly before the week had even properly begun.

You see, as anticipated, my commitments didn’t allow for this kind of specific, intense plan… as this was not a plan to aid your lifestyle choices, but instead one of the many plans out there that tell you what to eat, how to move and how much of both you need to do for a period of time (this one being 8 weeks). Sure if I had of completed the plan to a tee then I most definitely would have seen results, as it has been designed to work after all, however; it has also been designed to have you believe you need more plans post this plan to keep ‘progressing’.

If you complete the plan and see results you will feel elated, at first, you will feel happy that you did it but also happy that it is now over any you can stop restricting yourself/living your life by somebody else’s plan. Yet, when you start to see your hard work unravel and head back to where you started you will start to feel like a failure. Then instead of blaming the plan for not equipping you with the skills to sustain your new found body, you will blame yourself for falling back into old habits (or getting back to normal life).

If you do the plan half arsed and see some results but don’t see the results you see others get on the shared groups and forums you will contemplate starting again, this time to do it right, or you will think this plan might not be for you so buy into the next one to try out instead.

Either way both outcomes have you feeling like a failure and buying into the product/service again. Which is what is designed to happen. That’s how they keep making money. Think about it.

If the world was happy with their bodies the diet industry would be obliterated. So the only way for the industry to keep surviving it to make you believe you can buy a magic plan, or pill, or shake that will get you the body you want and therefore the happy life you believe will come with the ‘perfect’ body.

Truth is… there is no magic shake. No magic plan. And definitely no magic pill that will bring you everything you desire. (side note : you also will not find happiness in ‘the perfect body’ as this also does not exist and furthermore the way you look isn’t where your unhappiness actually stems from) 

You can only get to where you want to be by putting in the effort to get there. And yes sometimes putting in the effort requires asking for help, but there are other, better ways of doing that than paying money to someone you have never met, for a service they churn out to everybody willing to pay and don’t even cater it specifically to you and your needs.

I started this plan being honest in saying I didn’t think it would work for me because I’m not the kind of person that can adhere to this kind of thing. However I promise I didn’t just go into it completely biased and not give it a good old college try. The first few weeks I really tried to follow it as best as I could, I bought all the food, changed my exercise regime to suit and looked at how my commitments would effect the plan.

The thing is… It didn’t fit into my life.


It didn’t take into account my job, my social life, my family visiting, my emotional needs, my time of the month (which has had me more emotional than usual the past few months), my activity levels outside of the plan, my body composition, my genes…. basically it didn’t account for anything other than “If you want to see physical result, where you lose weight, you need to be eating less and moving more“… and this is the basic premise behind EVERY weight-loss plan. Yes some will be designed to be slightly more specific than this but my point is the person who designed this plan doesn’t know me. They therefore don’t know what I actually need help with, they don’t know how hard or easy it is for me to adhere to these kinds of plans, whether I have an emotional history with food and exercise, what past experience I have, and as previously stated, what my overall lifestyle is like.

You are not a failure for not being able to complete an online diet plan and yet I guarantee you will feel like one if you don’t see it through and get the results you want. Even I felt bad throughout the first four weeks at multiple times when I came off track and actually told myself “well I can give it another proper go when my life isn’t as hectic“… and I’m a PT in the fitness industry!!!

I don’t offer these plans or transformation packages as a PT as I don’t believe they are successful in helping the majority of people fall in love with their bodies and sustain their results. Yes they work to a certain degree and yes they do have a place in the industry for certain individuals but I urge you to question whether you are one of these individuals before you throw yourself into one (or another one).

If you don’t have the best relationship with food or exercise, if you have a lifestyle where you would struggle to fully commit, if mentally you aren’t strong enough to not feel like a failure for coming ‘off track’ then these ‘plans’ probably aren’t for you. You would be best off speaking to someone, like a PT, Life-Coach or Dietician, or even joining a group to help you get the ball rolling rather than throwing your money at someone online who looks good and knows what to say and do to get your money time and time again.

In Summary, I failed at ‘The Plan’ but I am not a failure. I am going to head back into my Lifestyle approach to health and fitness and not force a time restraint on my journey but instead enjoy the ride through every part of it.

If you want any help or advice to do the same feel free to get in touch.

Otherwise I hope you have taken something from me ‘doing’ this plan and I wish you the best on your adventure ❤

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