Week 2 – Lets talk Money.

So week 2 of the plan has come and gone.

I wont lie… I again struggled to stay ‘on plan’ this week. There were days of unexpected meals out or extra work/activities that took up my meal prep time meaning I had to grab on the go or move off plan completely….

However, rather than making me feel guilty this week for coming off plan it actually made me think about the financial cost.


So lets say you buy a plan online from your favourite influencer or transformation coach… they usually don’t come cheap. If you are doing the at home workouts on your plan the likelihood is you will also need to invest in a few staple pieces of equipment if you are not already paying for a gym membership. So this is your basic cost for starting your ‘transformation’ and can literally range dramatically depending on the plan you have chosen and the equipment you invest in… but surely this is what it is…an investment. Isn’t it worth the cost to move towards a healthier, fitter, happier you?


As a PT I truly believe people should invest more into their own health and fitness. We throw so much money down the drain on items that we can do without or brands that think they can charge us extortionate amounts just for their name; so we definitely can trim back here and there and instead invest our money into our overall wellbeing. But is an online plan the best investment? That is the question of the day. 

Heading back to what it costs to do an online transformation plan –

This week I did the weekly shop ready to smash it as if I would be following every meal to a tee – as this is obviously ‘the plan’. I only had one prescheduled engagement this week that I had to account for on the Saturday, so I bought in my food to follow the plan as is prescribed for every other day of the week.


Guess what?

Life happened.

(And I promise this isn’t an excuse that I just like to constantly use.) 

My best friend had a death in the family and so we went out for breakfast one morning and food one evening so she could off load and not be stuck at home with her grief.

Another friend invited me out for lunch last minute as they were going through a bit of a negative headspace and needed to be social and chat things through; so of course I went.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL (for once!) and so my mum did a bbq that I joined after my ‘prescheduled engagement’ of the week (which was a works charity event including exercise, food and drinks).

So you see… I couldn’t have preempted these moments.

Yes I could have still factored these outings into my calories/macros that the plan prescribes… but quite honestly my calories were the last thing on my mind when being there for my friends.

And, as I have previously mentioned, it actually just made me think of the cost more than anything. I mean, I had already paid for my weekly shop… which isn’t the cheapest when you’re trying to stick to a specific food plan designed by someone who has never met you; but then I had the extra expense of eating out for these ‘life moments’ and therefor food went to waste in the fridge.


Following a specific meal plan, where you are told what to eat for breakfast, lunch, tea/dinner and the snacks in between can be a very costly thing to participate in anyway, but when you factor in the occasions where you will have to diverge from the plan, the cost continues to increase.

So is a set online transformation plan really the best option? Even when you are looking at investing in your health and fitness?

Personally I would say it is more beneficial to spend the money on a gym membership, classes that make you sweat, a personal trainer/dietician that actually sees/speaks to you directly or even a course to understand your food intake more. Yes it can seem like a struggle to plan your meals out yourself but if you are wanting to look specifically at the calories and macros you are consuming, you can use apps such as My Fitness Pal to track this for free, and if you are wanting to just develop a better relationship with food you can monitor what you are eating in different ways that don’t even touch on the specifics of macros.

It depends what you are looking to get from a plan, and what your current relationship with food and fitness is, but after week two I don’t feel it is a very cost effective activity to follow a random online transformation plan. At least if you have a PT or nutritionist/dietician you can discuss the cost of everything as part of the development of your plan.

What are your thoughts on this? Is money a factor that stops you from looking after your health and fitness? Are you more likely to spend on a ‘quick fix’ over a regular trainer/class?

Let me know your thoughts.

And I’ll see you after week 4 (Ive decided to do my next blog on ‘The Plan’ half way through as opposed to one every week).

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Weight does not equal Worth

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