Week 1 “On” the Plan

Incase you missed my last post… I have decided to follow an 8 week fitness and diet plan to review it. I am doing this because I am not this kind of trainer and I try my best to help my clients lead a sustainable, happy, healthy lifestyle rather than always search out these ‘quick fixes‘. Yet, I think it is useful for me to review a ‘transformation plan‘ to show you what it entails and whether or not it is a good thing to do or whether there are potentially better options out there.

Now I think it is important to mention that I am not doing it to prove they don’t work. The fact of the matter is, if followed to a tee, it most definitely will work, they have been designed to work after all. I am instead reviewing it for more of the sustainability and  mental side of things, i.e. how easy is it to actually fit into your lifestyle and what about if you skip a day? How will that make you feel? etc.

I am a very un-obsessive person so, even though I have my own journey and relationship with food and fitness, I feel like it is better for myself to do a plan and review it for others to see, rather than for someone who has the obsessive nature and could potentially get trapped in a negative headspace over it, to plunge straight in themselves. Yes this might mean that on certain days I don’t follow it to a tee, compared to if I was an obsessive person, but I promise I am following it as best as I can, fitting it into my lifestyle as much as possible and not just being biased.

With that said, how did my first week on plan go??


As I started the plan I was already anticipating this first week to be difficult to stick to. Now I know that’s not the best way to start but the thing is I already knew I had a social occasion on one of the days that was going to take me “off plan” and therefor was worried how I would deal with that. Would I, instead of sticking to the set meals just work out how many drinks I could have to stay in my calories? Or would I class that day as a write off and just ‘start again’ the next day when I could potentially be hungover?


The first two days actually went fine. I stuck to my meals and completed the workouts. I was hungry at certain points throughout the day but managed to not stray and actually felt quite proud about this. However day three was where things changed.

Day three was just one of those days where you feel like crap and nothing can pull you out of the funk. It was one of those days where you get so in your head about things that being productive just seems like an impossible task. It also happened to be the day before I came on my period – which might have been part of the reason for the funk. I was down to have the same meal AGAIN that I had already had the two days previous, and although I am a big advocate of batch cooking and meal repeating throughout the week, I did NOT want this meal again (basically a green bean omlette). Yet I felt like I couldn’t swap the meal for another on the plan because I had already done my shopping that week and for the meals already set out… so if I was to swap it I either might not have the ingredients in for the new meal or I might use ingredients needed for other meals throughout the week…

So what did I do?

I put a garlic baguette in the oven and binge watched Killing Eve whilst I ate it and followed it with some chocolate.

I wasn’t in a good enough headspace to talk myself out of doing this and I didn’t have the energy to reason with myself that this probably wasn’t going to make me feel good in the long run.

And of course I felt guilty.

Day 3 and already I was a failure!! (Plus I still had my friends birthday drinks later in the week….)

After spending the day feeling down and wishing I hadn’t said I was doing this plan, I put on you-tube karaoke and blasted out a few songs; which helped me pull myself together enough to go have a shower, have a mini pamper, and then meal prep for the next day so I could “start again”.

Day 4 went MUCH better. I put it down to the you-tube singing sesh (which always helps me if I’m feeling low) and then the exercise I did on day 4. Exercise for me is such a big mood helper. It can be the last thing I want to do when I’m feeling down but it always helps me feel better (endorphins and all that). And I wont lie I did more exercise than the plan gave because I felt I needed extra to help with my mood. So on top of the plans lower body sesh, I went to crossfit and had a charity relay event at work which meant I actually exercised 3 times this day!

The thing is I am lucky enough that with the job I have I can be as active as I am, but obviously for someone in a different industry it not always as easy to fill your day with so much exercise… plus it is also important to have your rest and recovery time. This was just a day for me where I had the time to not only do the plans workout, but do some exercise that always makes me feel good (CrossFit) and I happened to have a work commitment that required me to sweat.

movement is medicine

However, after my full on day of exercise on Thursday I felt like I needed Friday to recover and on Saturday I was working first thing and then as soon as I finished I was meeting friends for birthday food and drinks so had no time to squeeze in a workout.

This also meant I came off plan again food wise.

I did take my lunch with me to my job on Saturday, and stayed away from the buffet that was on for us, but ate out at Turtle bay that evening and had some delicious food and cocktails…. meaning I was definitely over my calories for this day.

But you know what? I had a great evening spending time with people I love, who I don’t get to see as much as I wish I could, so I did not feel guilty for coming “off plan” Saturday eve… I did however feel slightly guilty that I stayed off plan for Sunday as well.

Sunday I was working, but hadn’t meal prepped my food because I was out all day Saturday. And because I was tired from the full on week/having a few drinks the day before I just wanted to sleep when I wasn’t working…. so I did. This, however,  obviously made me feel bad for wasting a day and not getting back “on it”… especially as I had had an unexpected day off plan earlier in the week already.

So what can I take from all of this?

Well if you ask me, my first week on the plan has already proven a few things:

  • Sticking to the plan isn’t as easy as 1.2.3. as it isn’t made for your already existing lifestyle. It doesn’t know how many hours you work, how often you can get to the gym, whether you have prior commitments that involve food and drink… It also doesn’t account for the days where you are having “one of those days” where you just need to binge watch tele whist eating something comforting (which we all have).
  • If you go off plan you are very likely to feel guilty for it (which is not a good thing). Like I have mentioned, I am not an obsessive person; and I was already anticipating being off plan for at least one day this week due to my friends birthday and yet I still felt bad that I had come off plan… which then led to me into thinking “F*** It, I might as well start again on Monday”… which in turn made me feel even worse for not just getting back on the horse.
  • If you have an unhealthy relationship with your food, or use the gym as a means to burn calories rather than gain fitness/a way to de-stress then maybe this kind of thing isn’t the best for you to try. It requires quite a meticulous, obsessive mindset to get properly into it and follow it bob on… and if you aren’t in the right headspace it could send you further down the rabbit hole.

Ultimately I would say I “failed” my first week on the plan. But should I feel like a failure? HELL NO!

I am going to continue onto week two. I have swapped some of my meals so I’m not eating a green bean omlette for 5 of the 7 days… and I have scheduled in my workouts around my pre-existing commitments. I am going into this next week with every intention of sticking to the plan.

Lets see how week 2 goes!

Any questions so far send them my way 🙂

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