Follow me as I go against my better judgment…


So as you may be aware I don’t offer set packages that last a certain amount of time (6-8-12 weeks etc) as I don’t think they are actually very good for our mental health and our overall lifestyle. I am very much into learning to have a happy healthy lifestyle as opposed to chasing aesthetic goals…

Some people offer these ‘transformations’ and are actually very good at getting you aesthetic results, and I am not discrediting the trainers that do offer them as there is a place for them in the industry. However I don’t believe for the average person they are a good route to go down as, like I have mentioned, they really don’t look after your mental health. They keep you believing that the way to be happy is to change your appearance and that you have to lead a fairly obsessive, restrictive lifestyle to do this… Something which I completely disagree with.

You should respect your body and yourself enough to do what you can to be fit and healthy (although it’s not as straight forward as ‘respect your body’ as so many of us don’t because of our mindset/mental health – which is what we need help to work on) but being fit and healthy doesn’t come from looking a certain way. Someone could be very slim and yet have no cardiovascular fitness, no strength, no flexibility and could have a whole host of things going on inside that they are unaware of because they assume that their size means they don’t have to worry….

But, against my better judgement I have decided to review an 8 week plan for you guys.

I have never really done one before… I have attempted them but never fully completed them for one reason or another, and now I don’t do them because I don’t want to live my life like that. 8 weeks might seem like nothing in the grand scheme of things… but for me; a very un-obsessive, just live your life kind of person, it feels like it is going to be LONNNNGGGG. (I’m already thinking about how hungry I am after having the breakfast this morning – although the breakfast was actually tasty!)

I don’t know yet whether I’ll regret it, as this kind of thing just so isn’t me, or whether I’ll love it as I have never actually done something this meticulous for this long. However I am doing it to review:

  • how easy or hard it is
  • how it makes me feel
  • whether there are more positives or negatives to doing it
  • whether you can still live your life whilst being so meticulous about food and exercise.
  • plus more..

I am going into it with an open mind and with every intention to give it a good old go, so I can feedback truthfully, however there is part of me that is thinking about all the ‘life’ things I have in the next 8 weeks and I’m wondering how its going to actually work…

I will keep you up to date but if you do have any questions along the way, just get in touch. (Follow me on Instagram for daily updates

Wish me luck! Swinging into it like —–>

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