I’m stuck. How do I get out of this hole?

Have you ever felt stuck?

Like you don’t know what to do next. You don’t know how to move forwards. You have completely lost your mojo and motivation.

This is where I currently am.

I’ve been unwell for a week or so, to the point where I couldn’t even open my eyes as my headache was that bad; my body was constantly tired and I kept having hot and cold sweats. It has been lovely…

The annoying thing is I always seem to get ill when I’m in a place of positive and productive energy. Before I fell ill this time I was gearing myself up to smash life post holiday! I had work to catch up on and had some projects that I was excited to get stuck into… but instead I had to spend my first week back lying on the couch feeling rubbish trying to get better.

So not only was I having to deal with the holiday blues but I also had to deal with being so ill that I couldn’t even sit on my laptop to do work, I was stressing over all the things I needed to do and catch up on, I wasn’t able to get back into my training at the gym and just felt generally stressed, frustrated and ill.

The trouble is when you spend too much time in this kind of headspace it is harder to move away from it.

I am now better but I’m still carrying around some of this negative baggage.

It has demotivated me and made me questions certain priorities along with what my next step should be.

Now I’ve been here many times before and I am usually quite good at pulling myself out of these funks. We all have moments like this where we allow ourselves to be sucked into a negative headspace; it’s very natural but you shouldn’t feel like you are going to be forever stuck here (no matter how hard it might be to see an out right now). But what should we do? How can we pull ourselves out of this negative hole?



Firstly take a moment to think about how you are feeling and why you are feeling this way.

For instance I am feeling stuck because I haven’t been doing the one thing that makes me happiest. I have been focusing on one side of my career more than another and actually the side of my career that is taking up all of my efforts right now is the one that I started to support my currently neglected side, not to replace it.

Now how can you change this? Make a plan.

I am going to make specific time to solely focus on my acting. I will dedicate time everyday just for my acting/performance career and for this time I will put everything else to one side and not get distracted.

Is there anything else that will help – any subplans/assisting factors?

I need to also dedicate time to focus on other things – such as PTing, so when I am focusing on my acting I don’t get distracted with the unrelated things that need to be done. I also need to find a space where I am most productive – home is not a productive space for me as I get distracted, procrastinate and sometimes allow the lazy monster to take over.

Now start doing!

Making lists and plans, and writing everything down is a great tool to help you get out of your funk and move towards your positive, productive, phenomenal self however, if you never put the wheels into motion you will never really move forwards.

I have been needing to get myself back into a routine for a few days now since getting better but I’ve not. I need to get exercising again as this really helps my productivity and mental health, as does planning and prepping my food, tidying my room, getting out of the house to work… so I need to start to do these things again, regardless of how I’m feeling I just need to start doing as it is then that the positive habits and feelings will come and take over once more.

If you allow yourself to sit in negativity and unproductiveness for too long then that is where you will remain. There is no ‘right time’ that you need to wait for; just get up and go now. If you are doing the things that you know will make you feel great, that will help you ultimately be happier and get you to where you want to be then “Fake it ’til you make it”. 

The way to ‘un-stick’ yourself is to not let the demotivated monster control you. Fight. Tell them “no I don’t want to stay here, I’m going to move forwards thank you”.

This week is your week for the taking. Today is your day to make a change. Right now, this second, is your time to unstick yourself.

You’ve got this.

Be Positive.

Be Productive.

Be Phenomenal.

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Hi, I'm Laura; a Personal Trainer with a passion to help people fall in love with themselves!! #BETTYOUCAN

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