Do you embrace your emotions or keep them caged?


Funny things aren’t they.

One minute you can be on top of the world and then the next minute you can feel like you’re being suffocated with no way out.

We are told to not let our emotions to control us, to not show how we are feeling – unless it warrants it… and although I agree that our emotions shouldn’t control us and there are certain places that are more suitable for you to break down in floods of tears, or start singing from the rooftops than others; I also believe that our emotions should be respected and embraced.

If you are sad or frustrated you should be allowed to express this without the fear of being called over-sensitive or weak. Just as if you are excited or joyful, you should be able to bound around with a smile glued to your face without the risk that someone will call you out for being fake because “nobody is that happy…” 

Honestly we can’t win.

And it is so frustrating to monitor your emotions based on the people around you and what they want, what they expect, or even what they require from you.

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I myself am a very emotional person. I can cry over most things – TV shows, an act of kindness, a present from someone, anger at other peoples stupidity, other peoples emotion, you-tube videos of dogs reuniting with their owners, the destruction of the planet, because I feel out of control, because I feel so grateful…. literally everything and anything can make me tear up; sometimes it’s a sad cry, sometimes a frustrated one or even a joyful flood can emerge. For years I hated this about myself.

I hated the fact that I could be so easily controlled by my emotion, that I wore my heart on my sleeve and other people could have such an impact on me. Obviously though when the emotion is positive we embrace it more, as it feels good to feel good, however sometimes you can feel drained to always be the positive happy person… which is something I am. I try to be as positive and happy as I can be as often as possible. I am a glass half full kind of person and always look for the silver lining or lesson to be learnt… but sometimes I’m also a moody f*cker who just wants to be a moody f*cker without being fearful that peoples opinions will change of me.

Life has its ups and its downs. Sometimes things happen to us that are sh*t and sometimes things happen that are incredible. We are allowed to respond emotionally to these situations how we see fit – how our minds and bodies naturally react. If we monitor our emotions to the point of never expressing them at all we risk not only blowing up all at once and letting all the emotion fire out in one big go, but we also risk damaging our mental health and our over all happiness.

According to an article in the Medical Daily, crying actually has some great side effects, such as;

  • Releasing Toxins
  • Killing Bacteria
  • Improving Vision
  • Improving Mood
  • Relieving Stress
  • Boosting Communication

Laughter also has great benefits, such as it;

  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Stress
  • Works Your Abs
  • Improves Cardiac Health
  • Boosts Your Immune System (by releasing T-cells)
  • Triggers The Release Of Endorphins
  • Creates A Better Sense Of Well-being

Both laughing and crying are said to be good for us… so why should we feel worried about doing either?

So you don’t want to seem weak, or vulnerable or have people question if you can “handle it“, you might not want to seem fake or ‘sad‘ for getting excited over something other people think is lame... but you know what… screw all that!

If you want to cry- go cry.

If you want to jump around like an excited puppy – do it!

If you want to sit with a resting b**ch face because you just cba today – then so what. 

If you want to laugh so much that a little bit of pee comes out – then leak with laughter!just maybe carry a change of underwear around haha!…

But whatever emotion you have going on inside you – Embrace it. Acknowledge it. Respect it. Feel it for all its worth. But whatever you do, don’t be ashamed of it!

We don’t want to get stuck in a one emotion hole where we’re relying on others to pass us a rope to climb out; so ensure you allow yourself to feel all the feels and don’t shy away from any emotion. Never feel guilty for feeling sad or happy; just feel it!

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