Easter: Eat all the chocolate with none of the guilt!


A bank holiday weekend filled with alcohol, roast dinners and of course CHOCOLATE! 

Now how many of us enjoy the weekend but feel rubbish in it’s after math?

How many of us extend the weekend well into the week until our chocolate has been devoured?

And how many of us actually dread the weekend all together?

I have had many a year where I specifically asked for no Easter eggs. I was trying to be ‘good‘ and having that much chocolate in the house would just set me back. Of course this never happened as the memo wouldn’t get to everyone who religiously bought eggs for everyone else and I’d always end up with at least one. (I’m very lucky)

The thought of having a variety of large chocolate eggs to work my way through before I could start being ‘good’ again used to stress me out but I would inhale as much of the delicious chocolate as I could as quickly as I could so then I could start a fresh and get back on the wagon ASAP.

However, through working on my relationship with food and my diet, I have come to realise that you don’t need to cut something ‘bad‘ out in order to be ‘good’.

Food comes in a variety of forms. Some will be more nutritionally beneficial than others, some will make us feel better when eating it, some will make us feel worse after eating it. Yet, at the end of the day food is fuel and we need it in order to live and therefore we shouldn’t feel guilty about eating it. Any of it…which is easier said than done, I know.

The thing is food is delicious. I don’t know about you but I thoroughly enjoy eating. And so I should! I can enjoy what I am eating and yet still be conscious of how much I am having. Easter is a perfect example of allowing yourself to indulge but not feeling the need to over-indulge all at once.

I now welcome eggs at Easter and I accept that I don’t have to eat all of my eggs before the weekend is out…. or even the following week. I can make the chocolate last for as long as I would like and the great thing about that is I can spread out the enjoyment without inducing the feelings of guilt or making myself sick for over-indulging all at once.

So don’t see Easter weekend as a time to practice how quickly you can get through a mountain of chocolate without throwing up. Instead enjoy it and spread out the chocolatey pleasure so you can keep the happiness going without turning it into guilt.

Don’t get rid of your chocolate this Easter, get rid of your guilt.

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