Eating Out: Dishoom

One evening last week I went out for food with a group of friends. We have a monthly outing to a different restaurant and it’s usually one the majority, if not all, have never been to before. This allows us to ensure we make the effort to all come together and spend quality time with one another, whilst also experiencing new places rather than just having the same experiences time and time again. We’re so cool we even name the occasion Dinner Club.

See the source imageThis month we went to an Indian restaurant named Dishoom. There are 7 Dishoom restaurants in the UK and I seriously recommend you go to one of them as soon as you possibly can.

Honestly, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

The food was exquisite.

I had the House Black Daal, some Okra fries, a Roomali Roti (bread) and the Bowl of Greens…. followed by their Chocolate Pudding.

Everything was so flavourful. Even the bowl of greens, that I chose instead of getting rice, did not disappoint in its deliciousness! And let me tell you, when the menu told me I would not want to share the Chocolate Pudding… it did not lie! I was so happy I had a full one to myself; it was mouth-wateringly good.

Along with the food being on point; the décor, the atmosphere and the staff all added to the fantastic experience of the overall evening… I would also say the A la Carte menu (which we dined from) was also reasonably priced. I mean it’s not the kind of place you would go every week but as a treat every now and then, the cost matches what you get.

See the source image

So how did I feel after eating a delicious meal that included a dessert and a glass of wine?

Did I feel guilty that I had over indulged?


I had a delicious meal, with great company and an overall splendid evening. Why would I feel guilty about that?

Sure if you are a regular at eating out you need to be more consistently conscious of the food you are ordering, and look at opting for the less calorific dishes, but you should never feel bad for having a good time. Life is for living; not for beating yourself up for how much you’ve eaten.

So next time you are about to restrict or punish yourself for allowing yourself to ‘over indulge‘, just take a moment to ask if you are over indulging for the umpteenth time this week, and if the answer is no then just go ahead and enjoy yourself!

If you feel like all you do is over indulge, think about how you will feel post indulge and ask yourself if it is really worth it and would you rather save yourself for another occasion?

Don’t forget food is fuel but it is also fecking fantastic! So enjoy it!

Any restaurant recommendations for Dinner Club to try send them my way!

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See the source image

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