I. Just. Had. An. ******. Moment.

I had a moment this week … and not like the oopsie moment like in the TENA advert … I loathe that advert… but a moment where I allowed myself to panic. I felt like I had so much to do to get to where I want to be but wasn’t actually getting anywhere that I started to stress myself out and felt a complete lack of control.


I’ve always been a procrastinator (I like to blame this on the creative in me) and I’m not the most decisive (I blame this on the people pleaser in me) so the fact I am also very ambitious and have many things I am passionate about can be a tough combination to deal with at times.

I have had to seriously work on my organisational, time management and prioritising skills; but I still have a long way to go as the daydreaming, people pleasing, enthusiastically thirsty girl who wants it all has been with me for 26 years… and learning new skills takes time.

Sometimes though, trusting the process of things getting easier over time can be hard and you can’t help but have a moment of panic and worry.

That was me this weekend.

I started to worry that I wasn’t getting any closer to my goals because I have a number of them and have been unsure which one to prioritise. I have also, due to the crazy in me, chosen careers that have no stability and security so panicked that I will never fully be in control of my financial situation and will never be able to just breath. Then I realised that is most peoples lives.

If You're Comfortable You're Not Doing It Right

I mean, anything can happen at any point that completely changes your situation, so there will always be that fear and lack of control. So rather than allowing your fear to control you, you need to learn how to use the fear to your advantage. I mean nothing good ever grows from the comfort zone anyway… a bit of fear can help nurture a dream down the right path.

Life is uncontrollable, as much as you might try to control every aspect… it is impossible (and I don’t like to use the term impossible). So instead of allowing the lack of control to have a negative effect on you we need to find ways to be ok with not having full control.

Here’s what helped me get over my ‘moment’:

  • Think of how far you have actually come – looking back at where you started can help you realise that you have done more than you thought and deserve to give yourself a break.
  • Get outside – going for a walk, breathing in the fresh air and surrounding yourself with nature can really help clear your mind and allow you to think about things more positively.
  • Talk. Vent. Get things off your chest – having a conversation with someone about your thoughts and worries helps you deal with your emotions; they might even be able to offer up good advice to help you.
  • Make a plan – for me especially, seen as my panic was not feeling like I was progressing with my many goals, making a plan really helps. Just scheduling in some time to work on specific things, making a must do list and prioritising things helps to calm the mind as you will feel that little bit more in control.
  • Get out of your head – sometimes you’re too caught up in the emotions and thoughts of it all, so just remove yourself completely and allow yourself to get lost in something else for a bit. Whether its a good book, a film, a bubble bath, a game of crazy golf… whatever, just give yourself time away from your worries and when you come back you will be able to face them more productively.
  • Breathe! – take some deep breaths and tell yourself a positive affirmation. Feed your brain with oxygen and force it into a state of positivity.

So, if you’re having a ‘moment’ try some of the above and hopefully you’ll come out the other side realising that you are a capable bad ass with plans to smash it!!

Life is unpredictable. Life is full of moments. Just make sure you’re not allowing the fear of the unknown or lack of control stop you from working towards your goals.

Believe in your dreams. Believe in your abilities. Believe in yourself.


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