The Time I was abducted by aliens and floated in space – The Float Level

This week I was treated by a friend to a trip to a floatation centre.


Well… simply put its a place where you go to relax by floating.

In a bit more detail… it is a place with large pods filled with water and 1000lbs of Epsom salt which causes you to float. You have a pod to yourself and encase yourself in the bath where for an hour of solitude and relaxation.


Well the idea behind it is that the act of floating will free you from the overwhelming sensory experiences of day to day life and allow you to completely relax, like never before, as you give in to weightlessness.

It is apparently scientifically proven to significantly reduce stress, relieve physical pain and even open you up to creative thought patterns.

It has many benefits for your mental health, your physical state and your general well-being. Sounds amazing right?!

But what did I think…?

Float Room 1.1.jpg

So, I was looking forward to trying out the flotation therapy as it seems right up my street (self-love, self care, well-being etc) but I was also nervous as I’ve been dealing with a skin issue (I’ve been in loads of pain) and was worried the Epsom salt would aggravate it and potentially burn.

They give you ear plugs to protect your ear drums and Vaseline to pop on any cuts or scrapes to provide a barrier from the salt. However my skin wasn’t fully protected from the salt as I did feel like I couldn’t completely relax; there was a definite stinging sensation. I was gutted as I really wanted to completely let myself go and give in to the ‘power of the pod‘.

However, the sensation of floating is definitely strange but something I want to experience again.

I felt like I was floating in space.

You have the option of keeping the light on or switching it off (they advise you to turn the light off for the full experience) and I just felt, even though it was completely dark, that I was underneath the stars. Like I say it was a strange experience. I kept thinking that I had been abducted by aliens and was waiting to have some experiments done on me…. relaxing eh… haha

But no seriously, it was strange but enjoyable; I just wish I could have relaxed in to it more. However, I think if I was to do it again I would be able to give in more and experience it on another level; and I do plan to go back at some point when my skin is completely healed.

Yet, speaking of healing… I actually do feel that the process helped speed up my recovery. Due to my skin being sore and broken I was somewhat uncomfortable in the bath at the time but the day after I woke up and felt 10 times better! CRAY!

The Pod.jpg

So overall…

Lying weightless in a dark pod = Gurrd

Feeling like your floating in a pool in space = Gurrd 

Floatation therapy = Gurrd

Sometimes you have to wonder if any of these new age mindful, meditation type things are just money making fads but I would definitely recommend giving this a go and I am very interested in how the experience will alter the second time around when I have fully recovered skin wise.

Would you try it?

What other well-being activities would you recommend?

Head to to find out more about floatation therapy and look into booking a session 🙂

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