My Vegan Week

So recently I decided I was going to have a vegan diet for 28 days.

I decided this for a few reasons.

  1. I was starting to eliminate dairy from my diet anyway.
  2. I feel bad that I’m not already a vegan (moral and ethical reasons)
  3. I want to eventually specialise in vegan and vegetarian diets (currently starting a nutrition course on it)
  4. I wanted to give it a go just to see what it was like; with the intention of potentially making it permanent.

Go at your own paceNow as I believe you need to do your research before making drastic changes to ensure you do it right and don’t endanger yourself (malnutrition in this case), I opted to follow a 28 day vegan plan already created instead of just winging it.

I was looking forward at it. We did the shop, prepped as the book told us and got our head in the game.

Throughout the first few days it was great to not have to necessarily think about what to prepare food wise, as it was already decided and most was already prepped. The meals themselves I enjoyed too. I felt like I was being opened up to a variety of different meal options rather than just having my usual bean chilli, veg curry or lentil ragu combinations. My breakfast and lunch options were especially more varied and I realised how much of a rut I had got myself in with my own meal planning.

Initially I felt very positive about the whole thing. The only thing I was craving was chocolate; and that’s just life. I mean I know there is vegan chocolate out there but as I was trying to follow this specific plan there wasn’t any involved.

I would say I even after only a few days I almost felt lighter somehow. Like I was less bloated and just felt good.

Thumbs up all round.

Now on Thursday it was time to prep again for the rest of the week.

…and it seemed to take forever….

At this point on my one night off I did kind of wish I was just having one of my simple, yet tasty, regulars and could just wing the rest of the week – I mean it was pretty much weekend anyway and weekend is usually the time I don’t really prep my meals in advance. 

Nethertheless prep was done and another new meal was eaten; which was actually really nice.

But then disaster hit!

I didn’t take my lunch to a job I had on the Saturday and had to deal with the lunch that was provided… which contained no vegan options so I opted for the veggie option as I was hungry…. but I then spent my Saturday afternoon in A&E (I won’t bore you with the details but its nothing serious and I’m fine) and just needed some chocolate to make me feel better. So I ate a twirl. dun dun durrr 

And there my vegan week suddenly came to an end.

(baring in mind I was planning on doing it for 28days…) 

Turns out I wasn’t ready.

As much as I do feel bad for not being vegan – I don’t want to buy into an industry that has such a negative effect on numerous things – I still have some learning to do before I make the leap. And that’s ok.

I am going to keep learning (as I already mentioned I am doing a nutrition course that specialises in vegan and vegetarian diets) and I am going to continue to be conscious of my dietary choices. I will be eating no where near as much dairy and I do feel like I will predominantly cook and prepare vegan meals myself.

I wont restrict myself so much with meal options but I also wont restrict myself just yet with food that isn’t fully vegan.

At the end of the day we should all be more aware of our choices and the impact they have; yet we shouldn’t be made to feel terrible for not being perfect. I am learning and I am growing, I am trying and I am trying some more.

I didn’t complete my vegan month… I didn’t even make a week… but I have taken things from the experience that will hopefully make my next attempt more successful.

After all that is all we can do; learn from our failures.


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keep learning keep growing



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