Are you a Juggler Extraordinaire? : 5 tips to help you manage it all.

How often do you think “I just don’t have the time!”

Could you potentially be filling your schedule with too much?

Do you feel like you never have a minute to chill?

So much to do so little time

Since becoming a personal trainer I have definitely felt like a juggler. I not only have to train people face to face but I also have to:

…programme their sessions specific to their goals and needs, create content to send to them regularly, check in outside of our sessions to ensure they are on track / see if they need any additional support, market myself as trainer to generate more clients, teach classes in the gym, plan those classes, keep ensuring I am forever learning and growing in my knowledge and abilities as a trainer, fit in my own training/practice what I preach including meal planning and prepping my own food … All this alongside still pursuing an acting career, taking other freelance acting jobs when I can, trying to keep on top of the acting world, updating my showreel and headshots, getting involved with productions and projects, developing my skill set and networking with people in the industry…. whilst still trying to have a social life, spend time with the people most important to me and giving myself a bit of time for me. #Jugglerextraordinaire

And for someone who isn’t very good at time management or prioritising (like myself) … it can be hard.

I definitely still need to work on my time management and organisational skills but I have come across a few helpful ways to improve my skill as a juggler.

  1. Make Lists – write everything down so you don’t forget what needs to be done.
  2. Create a Must-do List from your To-do list – place 5 items from your list onto a must do list and number them 1-5 in order of what is a higher priority.
  3. Schedule your week – literally plan when you are doing what. When are you working, training, ticking things off your list, even socialising and having you time. Put it in your diary.
  4. Reward yourself – set yourself a task and once its completed give yourself a pat on the back. For example give yourself the task of getting through X amount of jobs on your lists and then give yourself some time to watch an episode of the series you’re currently binging.
  5. Look after you – it can be so easy to get caught up in everything that needs to be done that you forget to actually check in with yourself to see if you’re actually happy. Schedule in time to rest and recharge just as much as you do everything else. A happy you paves way for a more productive you after all. Enjoy your life as you only get one.


If you are feeling like you have a billion and one things on your plate give these 5 tips a go and see if it helps. You are capable of so much… but that includes over doing it. So just ensure what you are doing is necessary and is making you happy.

I love both of my careers so learning to juggle them both is something I want to do as both bring me copious amounts of joy. However if I didn’t also schedule in time to not focus on either of them I would eventually crack and that wouldn’t be helpful at all.

Do what makes you happy.


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do what you love


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