Are you a Juggler Extraordinaire? : 5 tips to help you manage it all.

How often do you think “I just don’t have the time!” Could you potentially be filling your schedule with too much? Do you feel like you never have a minute to chill? Since becoming a personal trainer I have definitely felt like a juggler. I not only have to train people face to face butContinue reading “Are you a Juggler Extraordinaire? : 5 tips to help you manage it all.”

Labels; Don’t let them dictate your life.

Hi I’m Laura and I’m a vegetarian. I am a vegetarian who is currently trying to not consume dairy. However, I am not currently a vegan.  Why does it matter so much how we label our lifestyle? And more specifically our diets? People are obsessed to know which category you fall into… sometimes we’re evenContinue reading “Labels; Don’t let them dictate your life.”

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

Have you ever not felt like you? Do you feel yourself change when around certain people? Are there times when you feel lonely even when surrounded by people? Unfortunately there are many of us that will experience someone else trying to dull our sparkle. The thing is sometimes you aren’t aware it’s happening and occasionallyContinue reading “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”