Tracking progress: Is it important to check in?

We are nearing the end of our first month of 2019. Can you believe it?! 

How have you spent January?

Do you feel like you’ve started the year off with a bang?

Are you well on your way to smashing your goals for the year?

Take some time to check in with yourself over the next couple of days and assess where you are compared to where you want to be.

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Why is it important to check in? And track our progress?

When you set your goals you will usually have a time frame in mind to achieve them by…

I want to have dropped a dress size by June.

I want to have saved £XXXX by November.

I want to compete in a triathlon next year.

 What ever your goal is you will most likely have given yourself a time frame in which to achieve it. So why is it important to have regular check ins and track your progress?

Well very simply put; to see if you’re on target and to alter where necessary.

If you don’t track your progress and check in with where you are you might have gone wrong, be closer than you think or have lost your motivation without realising.

By checking in you are being accountable.

If you set yourself the target to have dropped a dress size by summer but don’t check your measurements on a monthly basis you wont know how close you are to hitting your target. You may have put inches on taking you further away from your goal or you might be closer than you think. Either way by checking in you can reassess what you are doing and if it’s working.

There’s no point continuing doing something if its not working for you; so by tracking how things are going you can adjust your tactics and make sure you are on the right lines to reach your goals.

It doesn’t have to just be a health or fitness goal for you to track your progress either; it could be for anything.

You should check in with any and every goal you have. Fitness goals, career goals, relationship goals, travelling goals… whatever it is. Sure some goals will alter and some will even disappear as you exchange them for others but this is also a reason to keep checking in.

If you are putting effort into making something happen you want to know that it’s working.

Just as if your plans change, or you realise other things are more important to you, you don’t want to waste your time having a goal on your list you’re no longer passionate about, as you’ll just feel guilty for never ticking it off.

So remember to check in with yourself.

You got this

How often should I check in?

It honestly depends on a goal by goal basis.

However, especially if the goal is health and fitness related, I don’t recommend checking your progress more than once a month. If you are a person who steps on the scales once a week or more: you are doing yourself more harm than good. You need to give yourself time and room to breathe. Rome wasn’t built in a day so give yourself space to achieve more.

(if you’re goals revolve around the scale in the first place though we need to chat about that separately)

However, if you’re goal relies on you checking in more often, just ensure you are checking in logically not just because you are obsessed. For instance if your goal is to save X amount of money to go towards a deposit for a house in a years time, you might, to begin with, set yourself the target of saving X a month… but to ensure you’re on target to your smaller monthly goal you may want to check in once a week to see where you are unknowingly throwing money away.

So be logical.

Check in on a need to basis; to ensure you are working towards your goal, not because you are obsessed – as I’ve already said this could actually have a negative effect on you.

No obsession is healthy. Even the obsession to be healthy. So give yourself time to actually work on things and set the wheels in motion before you take note what is working and what isn’t.


What goals did you set yourself this year?

Are you on target?

What is working?

What do you need to do differently?

When are you going to next check in?



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