The first week of the year; AKA The Buffer Week.

We are one week into the new year!

What have you done this week?

Have you already smashed it?

Resolutions in the bag?!


Most likely… no.

and you know what? That’s ok.

I can’t be the only person who see’s the first week of the new year as a buffer week?

I mean sure we’re all about sharing our new years resolution before the clock chimes midnight but most of us haven’t actually had the time before then to plan out what our year is going to entail, let alone create the plan to smash our resolutions and reach our goals. So don’t feel bad if you’ve needed this week to ‘sort your life out’.

I have chosen to use this first week of 2019 to set out my goals, create plans, get myself in the right mindset… and to also finish the last of the Christmas chocolates… I mean I think it’s the logical thing to do right?

So, lets make it official that the first week of any new year is called the Buffer Week.

A week to recover from the festive season and get ourselves prepared for the weeks and months to come.

the buffer week

So… with that in mind…

What do you want this year to be?

Grab a notepad (honestly the amount notepads I got for Christmas is insane! Good job I love stationary and have lots to plan!) and jot down your goals. Think big. No dream is too small.

Write everything down. Let it all out. Whether it’s a career goal, a personal goal, a goal regarding your health and fitness, your love life, your home, a goal to save money, to travel or even just to give more time to developing a skill…. WRITE IT DOWN!

Here you have a list of what your year can be.

The question is; are you willing to put in the effort to make the dream a reality?

Obviously you might have a list as long as your leg, in which case you might need to look a little further into the future than this time next year to see some as a reality, but there is no time like the present to start ticking things off.

A handful of my goals

Here’s a selection of the goals I have set myself for this year:

  1. To be able to do an unassisted pull up.
  2. To save X amount of money to go into my moving out fund.
  3. To develop a workshop to take into schools and businesses highlighting the importance of health, fitness, self care and self love.
  4. To start to transition from PT into Life Coach.
  5. To climb the 3 peaks (separately… Ben Nevis has already been ticked off) and to generally hike more.
  6. To get an agent (acting).

As you see, my goals cover a wide variety of things from my business as a PT, my career as an actor, my own fitness goals, financial goals and general well being goals.

what is your goal

I do have a hell of a lot more on my list of things to achieve but I thought I’d share this snippet to hopefully give you inspiration when writing your own list. Some goals can be completely in your control; such as climbing the three peaks – all I need to do is plan in a day for each and go see it through. Others require a bit more work and rely on external factors; for instance I want to join a new acting agency this year so I can start getting auditions for bigger jobs however, a lot of this relies on a agency taking me on. I have to put in the effort to make the connections and work on my showreel/headshots etc to showcase myself in the best light but this goal is not solely in my hands; does this mean I should leave it off my list? Hell no! It is still something I desire and will work towards so it deserves its place on the list. As does every other goal. No matter how big, how small, how specific, how random; give it a place on your list if it is going to lead to you living your happiest life.

Now just writing them down wont automatically make them come true, you do have to create a plan and set the wheels in motion down the correct path. So that is your next step. Make a plan.

Give each goal a separate page of your notepad and write down as detailed a plan as you possibly can on how you are going to achieve it.

It will also help to write down why you want to achieve each goal. When you put some reason and emotion behind your goals you help ignite the motivation to see it through.

Goal + wy

So now you have your list of goals, the plans to make these goals a reality and the motivation behind why you are going to achieve them.

The only thing left to do is go and SMASH IT!!


Believe in yourself! Believe in your dreams! Put in the effort and live the life you want to live! No one is stopping you, so don’t stop yourself!

Buffer Week is over! The year of YOU has begun!

#bettyoucan #bettican #bettwecan

Time is in your hands

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