Christmas: A day to feed your soul

Merry Christmas EVE!!

Tomorrow is the day we are all going to over indulge and not care about it. Or at least it should be.

Christmas is a time for friends and family, for giving and receiving, for food and drink; and not one of these things should be moderated. Tomorrow is the day to let all your fears and worries go, to pile your plate high, drink mimosa’s all day long, nibble through everything that is about even though you’re already full to the brim, and spend a copious amount of time with the ones you love sharing this day (whilst trying not to fall out over this years new after dinner board game).

'Tis the season to be MERRY

Yes it’s not always that easy to switch of that nagging voice in your head that tells you that letting yourself ‘go‘ for this one day will make all the difference; but let me tell you that nagging voice is…right. (SAY WHAAATT?!) Having this one day to just enjoy yourself will make all the difference but not in the way the nagging voice intends you to take it.

You will not undo all your hard work, you will not put half a stone on, you will not be a failure for giving in to the temptation of the holidays.

But you will experience Christmas, you will feed your soul, you will laugh, you will love, you will make memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

One day will not undo everything you have worked for. But one day can enrich your year.

” But it’s not just one day! ” I hear you cry.

So you’ve already had to deal with the festive season for the last few weeks. You’ve had endless Christmas parties, potential birthdays, Christmas markets, Christmas drinks and buffets, and once Christmas is over you have New Years Eve to contend with…

Again; its ok. You can enjoy this time of year and be guilt free.

Sure you can work on being mindful of how much you’re eating and drinking (and spending) over this period and even practice the art of saying no now and then, if you really don’t want to go out for the 5th time this week, but this time of year is to be enjoyed. It’s to be experienced to the max and to create memories with your nearest and dearest that you can look back on and smile. So please, more than anything, work on not being guilty for indulging over this festive period. Think of it as feeding your soul rather than over feeding your body.

Plus, the time for #newyearnewme is soon to be upon us, and although I don’t agree with the ‘new me’ concept, it is a great time to get your head back in the game and knuckle down.

(disclaimer: you don’t need a new year, new week or even a new day to ‘begin’ but it is appreciated that mentally it feels more pleasing)

2019 MANTRA isIf it helps, make a little plan for the new year. Write down what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. Having this base plan might help you loosen up and allow you to enjoy the rest of the party season as you will know that come Jan 1st… or 2nd… or 3rd… you have a plan that you are going to smash out of the park!

I’m now going to ask you to complete a little task for me.

I want you to find/create a mantra for 2019. Something that you are going to live by next year, something that you want your year to be about. Whether it is a year of self love, self care, of progression, of health and wellbeing, of getting out of your comfort zone, of ticking things off your bucket list, of giving more… create a manta, a saying, that you can repeat to yourself throughout the year to keep you on track.

Mine for this year is:

Don’t wish for it; Work for it! And remember, great things never come from comfort zones.

Having your mantra ready to go for the new year will hopefully allow you to finish off this year with a bang; with a smile on your face and your heart full to the brim (as well as your belly), as come January you can focus on fulfilling that mantra.

Enjoy tomorrow and enjoy New Years; you deserve to.


#bettyoucan #bettican #bettwecan

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