Tattoo Talk

Do you have a tattoo? Would you ever get one? When you see someone with a tattoo what do you think?

I ask because it intrigues me to learn what goes on in other peoples heads and tattoos always spark differences of opinion.

Personally I enjoy tattoos. I feel they are a great way to express yourself, they can carry great meaning, everyone has the right to adorn their body with what they so choose and they can be stunning.

Now like most art it is personal preference as to whether something is attractive/beautiful or not and personally I prefer tattoos to have meaning behind them… but I do not judge someone for getting a tattoo simply because they thought “why not?!”


Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously and miss out on some of the exciting moments of life because we didn’t just act. Memories should be created whenever possible and so if a tattoo reminds you of the time you travelled the world, the hilarious times you spent with your nearest and dearest or when you got so drunk in Magaluf that you were crazy enough to let someone ink Pickachu onto your skin… then great!! Life is too short to take yourself seriously every second of every day or to worry about every minute detail.

Tattoos are an awesome way to express yourself and to hold certain memories or meanings close to your body… but they can also just be fun.

One thing they should never be however, is judged.

Do not judge somebody for having tattoos. The fact they choose to decorate their skin holds no meaning to who they are as a person, how competent they are for a job or how seriously they can take themselves. Just as someone shouldn’t be judged on their sex, age, religion, sexuality, race etc they should also not be judged on whether or not they have tattoos. Just because you might not like them and choose to not have any yourself doesn’t mean people with tattoos are any less than you, or have made a stupid decision by having them.

I currently have two tattoos.

… both of them from earlier this year.

My first one is of 5 circles on my wrist with the second circle shaded in whilst the others are left empty. This tattoo is not for my love of connect four… it is for the love of my sisters. I am one of 5 girls and earlier this year 3 of us chose to get matching tattoos; not incase we forget we are sisters but because we wanted to share this connection in a creative way. Our eldest sister lives in America and our youngest is too young to get a tattoo yet; but we are hoping we will all eventually share this tattoo.  Now some people might think it is cringey to get matching tattoos or that as sisters we already share a lot so why permanently mark our bodies just to symbolise our relationship?


Well for me, my family is everything. I adore my sisters more than I can express; but we aren’t all ‘Full Sisters’. Myself and the eldest of us are both my mum and dads and then the three youngest are my dad and step mums – therefore some people would see them as my half sisters. To me they are not half anything. They are all my sisters whom I love a ridiculous amount and would do anything for. And so this tattoo to me symbolises more than just “lets get matching tattoos“… it symbolises four of the most important people in my life who fill me up and make me whole.

My second tattoo came from what others might see as a very cliché time of my life….I was travelling in Thailand.

This tattoo came only a few months after my first in the midst of what I call my quarter life crisis; specifically at the time when I was trying to “find myself“.

…I sense a lot of eye rolling and smirks….

But honestly, I don’t care. I love my tattoo’s and what they symbolise to me.


My second one is a Unalome – it symbolises the path to enlightenment. I decided to get this tattoo as I was in a place in my life where I felt completely lost. Not only with where I was in life but with who I was. I had lost myself. I wasn’t me anymore and wasn’t sure if I’d ever fully feel like me again.

I was desperately trying to discover the path back to me and this tattoo symbolises that journey.

I can now say that I am me again and I am in a much happier place but obviously my journey is still unravelling. My tattoo reminds me that even on the days where I am feeling lost, or down or unsure of things that if I keep going I will soon discover the way out of the maze.

So to those of you that just see me as a walking cliché of a girl who went to Thailand to soul search and got a tattoo to commemorate her time there…. I am proud to be that cliché. My tattoo means too much to me to allow anyone else’s opinion to effect me.

You don’t know anyone else’s story. You don’t know the journey they have been on to get here. So don’t judge them for making choices you don’t believe you would have made.

Whether someone is covered head to toe in tattoos, have none whatsoever or have hidden ones that you will rarely see…. so what?!

Whether someone’s tattoos carry meaning, memories or are just something they decided to get on a whim… so what?!

Ultimately you should be able to do you and everyone else should be able to do them. The world is too inundated with negativity as it is. Lets not force out more negativity on things that really don’t prescribe it.

Tattoo’s or no tattoos – You Do You!


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