December: Tis the Season to be …?

We are into the final month of the year.

Are you happy about this or filled with anxiousness and dread?


Some of us see December as a month of fun and laughter; filled with festivities, food, drink, friends, family, giving and receiving but for some it is not all that merry a time.

For the majority of us Christmas really does take over the whole of December but we need to try to just see it as another month… that just contains a few extras.  

It’s ok to bow out of social gatherings, it’s ok to tell people you can’t do gifts this year or that your gifts will be homemade, it’s ok to not over indulge in all the food and drink on offer… as it is also ok to indulge. You should make this time of year what works for you.

A lot of people will give up on their goals, their nutrition and fitness and will spend endless amounts of money thinking they can start a fresh in the New Year. #newyearnewme ….

Except this isn’t how you should play out your December.

Don’t give up just because it’s the end of the year. This month still counts.

You can still enjoy this time of the year whilst also being mindful and conscious of your decisions.

Budget yourself. 

Meal prep. 

Make to do lists.

Schedule in your social time.

Give yourself time away from all the madness to reassess and plan. 

Don’t throw everything out of the window because it’s the Christmas season. 

Learn to enjoy it without letting it take over your life completely.

Christmas is about .png

And don’t forget to be mindful of others too.

December can be a great cause of anxiousness for a lot of people. Maybe money is a worry and you don’t know how you are going to get through the festive period on your last pay check. Maybe you feel alone and having all the group/sharing occasions going on only makes you feel worse. Maybe you struggle with the thought of having so many events revolving around food and drink as your relationship with food/drink isn’t necessarily healthy.

Please, if you do feel sad or anxious, or have any negative emotions/thoughts as we head into the last month of the year, know you are not alone. So many of us struggle at this time of the year and it is ok to not feel the Christmas cheer and need some help.

Reach out to somebody and ask for support and guidance.

Christmas has become a very commercialised holiday and sometimes we need to take a moment to think about what it’s actually meant to be about. It’s not about the endless mounds of presents, or the plates piled high with food; it’s not about any of the materialistic things. If this is what Christmas has become for you take a moment today to zone everything out and focus your mind on what is most important to you. Not in regards to Christmas but in life.

Take 10 minutes to really focus on this.

This is what Christmas should be about. Not the presents. Not the food. Not the man in a red suit coming down the chimney. But the things that are important to you all year round.

Don’t spend December in a state of negativity.

If you need help to make it positive; reach out.

December is just another month for you to make of it what you will.


#bettyoucan #bettican #bettwecan

December is... Whatever you want it to be.png


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