New Year; New… No wait I’m already Awesome.

We’re about to head into the new year so brace yourself for all the New Year New Me hashtags that will be flooding your screens. I’m here to tell you; you don’t need a ‘New You‘ to smash this next year. Sure, I understand the premise behind the slogan and have used it myself inContinue reading “New Year; New… No wait I’m already Awesome.”

Christmas: A day to feed your soul

Merry Christmas EVE!! Tomorrow is the day we are all going to over indulge and not care about it. Or at least it should be. Christmas is a time for friends and family, for giving and receiving, for food and drink; and not one of these things should be moderated. Tomorrow is the day toContinue reading “Christmas: A day to feed your soul”

December: Tis the Season to be …?

We are into the final month of the year. Are you happy about this or filled with anxiousness and dread? Some of us see December as a month of fun and laughter; filled with festivities, food, drink, friends, family, giving and receiving but for some it is not all that merry a time. For theContinue reading “December: Tis the Season to be …?”