Find Your Tribe: Empower One Another

Can we discuss empowerment.

Firstly, what is empowerment and what does it mean to feel empowered?

Empowerment can come from others giving an individual or team of people authority or power to do something; OR from an individual claiming ones rights and controlling their life, becoming a stronger and more confident person.

You ARE Capable You ARE Strong You ARE Worthy.png

Ultimately, true empowerment comes from within ourselves.

When we feel empowered we feel important, we feel strong and capable, worthy and elated. So if we hold the key to feeling like this… why do so many of us find it difficult to unlock the door?

The truth is so many of us find it difficult to believe in ourselves and our own self worth. We are surrounded by media that tells us we need to be a certain way to be deemed beautiful, to be seen as intelligent or strong, that we need certain products to try to reach “perfection”… it’s no wonder that we don’t feel empowered on a day to day basis.

Which is why whenever possible we need to surround ourselves with people who help lift us, who help us to see our worth and make us feel empowered.

I attended a #STAYSASSY event this past weekend, which is an event set up by a lovely lady called Steph (Healthychefsteph on Instagram) to help women come together and feel empowered. During the event she explained how she originally set up the event to help raise money for charity, which in itself is fantastic of her, but then when she saw how the event positively effected people she decided to turn it into more than a one off thing.

Now she holds regular #STAYSASSY events in London and this weekend held her first one outside of London, which luckily for me was in Manchester. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to attend as truth be told… it’s a bit of me. Actually it’s what I am all about; bringing people together to share experiences and grow in confidence (whilst being sassy AF!).

We started as a group of individual women, most of whom had little or no self confidence, and ended as a united army of sassy queens!

THIS. This is what the world needs more of.

We need to find more platforms and more ways to bring people together to celebrate each other and help each other grow rather than constantly tearing each other, or ourselves, down.


I want to thank Steph, her angels – Lottie and Mel and her mum Mumma Sue, for bringing their Sass and their message of empowerment to Manchester and hope they continue to take it to as many places as possible. More people need to feel confident and happy in their own skin, more people need to learn that they ARE worthy, they ARE sexy and they ARE capable; and events like this help to set them on the right path to get there.

We are all on different journeys but sometimes our paths hold similarities. So lets come together and share our experiences, share our concerns, our worries, our fears as we are not alone. Let’s lift each other up, rejoice in our achievements, congratulate one another, celebrate each other and provide a network of empowerment that we can all be a part of!

I urge you to tell yourself you are worthy. You are beautiful. You are strong. Capable. Intelligent. Determined. Kind. Wonderful.

And if you are struggling to do this… I urge you to find a group, a sisterhood, a posse to help you see that it’s true. Find people that lift you up and help you to stop tearing yourself down. Find your Empowered Empire of Mermaids, your #STAYSASSY sisters, your Goddesses and learn to love the person you are.

Follow the likes of

  • healthychefsteph,
  • iammelwells,
  • victorianiamh,
  • chessieking
  • aliceliveing

…plus many more on Instagram and join their tribes of strong women (and men) who don’t always realise how strong they are. These ladies in particular post fantastic, uplifting, empowering content that help thousands of people feel less alone and less inadequate in todays society. They share their own stories and journeys of self love and acceptance to allow others to see that deep down we are all the same; yes we can take ‘insta-worthy’ photos and filter them to no end but ultimately we are all just trying to figure out who we are and how to be happy with what we discover.

I will be launching my own tribe/Empire of Empowered Mermaids (I’m a mermaid if you didn’t already know… ) and you are all more than welcome to join! Let’s come together and smash this thing called life!!

Find Your Tribe. 

Feel Empowered. 

Love Yourself.


#bettyoucan #bettican #bettwecan

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