Find Your Tribe: Empower One Another

Can we discuss empowerment. Firstly, what is empowerment and what does it mean to feel empowered? Empowerment can come from others giving an individual or team of people authority or power to do something; OR from an individual claiming ones rights and controlling their life, becoming a stronger and more confident person. Ultimately, true empowermentContinue reading “Find Your Tribe: Empower One Another”

The List of Life: Birthday Blues or Celebrations?

IT’S MY¬† Today I turn… wait for it… 26!!! Now some of you might be thinking… 26 wow that’s getting old, real adult territory that, nearly 30!… Some will think… God I wish I was turning 26 again!… And others might be thinking… If only there was a way to stop the aging process soContinue reading “The List of Life: Birthday Blues or Celebrations?”