Trick or Treat : The Trick for an Excess of Treats


Who loves it? I do! It is one of my favourite times of the year as I’m a sucker for a bit of fancy dress; as well as loving anything that is even slightly magical/fantasy-esque. It also means we are well and truly into our colder months, which I also thoroughly enjoy as it means jumpers, hats, hot drinks, cosy nights in, blazing fires and heart warming meals are now a must!

But with the colder months usually comes our desire to eat more and what we eat tends to be more ‘comfort‘ style food. After all we need to keep warm as the weather turns cold right? So it’s time for us to add on a few extra pounds to see us through the winter….right?….. ermmm… maybe not.

Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas (plus my birthday which is in the middle of all these festivities just fyi) are all times of year that revolve hugely around food.

Halloween – trick or treating sweets and chocolate

Bonfire night – Treacle toffee and Toffee Apples

Christmas – Endless buffets, tins of Quality Street, Roast Dinners, Christmas Markets, Mulled Wine, Minced Pies… and the list goes on…

Now, you shouldn’t feel guilty for indulging in the traditional festive treats but you should be conscious of your choices and be aware of how much you are indulging.

With Halloween in two days time lets tackle that one first. All Hallows Eve

If you are taking the kids out Trick of Treating or have stocked up ready for the ghouls and witches that will be knocking on your front door you are most likely going to have an excess of sweets and chocolates in your house come Thursday. So what do you do?

Do you throw them away? Do you scoff them all down in one sitting to get them out of the house? Do you give yourself till the end of the week to clear them so you can start a fresh on Monday?

Although I understand the logic, and have participated in it myself over the years, to eat everything as quick as possible and get rid of the temptation so you can ‘get back on track‘ once it’s all gone… it’s not the most sensible thing to do and definitely not the healthiest.

Instead try giving yourself a small allowance each day, factoring it in to your daily diet. Not only will this allow you to be more conscious and aware of what you are ingesting but it will stop you from feeling bad for over indulging which could actually lead to more emotional binge eating.

Don't Binge Eat in Moderation.pngInstead of having a dessert after your meal, have something from the Halloween stash.

Instead of buying a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps to go with your lunch, take a Halloween Treat in to work with you.

Or better yet, take the whole Halloween bag into work and allow other to help themselves… just make sure you’re not going in for a lucky dip every hour!

Spreading out the Halloween Treats over the next few days, or even weeks, will help you to control your sweet tooth, not go way over your necessary calorie intake for the day and not feel deprived from the festive period.

Just be aware of how much you are allowing yourself to eat daily and don’t mindlessly eat sweet after sweet. Don’t sit on the couch with the whole bag, instead only take what you are going to eat and leave the rest in the kitchen. Don’t sit with the bowl on your desk at work, or every time you walk past it mindlessly stick your hand in, instead put it somewhere out of constant reach and only allow yourself one lucky dip a day.

You don’t have to completely forgo all of the festive traditions that involve food; especially the sweet treats, you just need to be more conscious and aware so you are not just adding an excess of calories into your normal daily diet.

You could also test out some healthier alternatives, such as:

Mini Halloween Bites And Banana Ghosts

Pitted Medjool Dates x 8

Ground Almonds (or Oats if you have a nut allergy) x 100g

Chai Seeds x 2 tbsp

Cacao Nibs x 2tbsp

Zest of One Orange

Dark Chocolate x 100g

Your choice of decoration


Soak the dates in boiled water for 4-5 minutes then drain and blitz in a blender. Pour the date mixture into a bowl with the rest of the ingredients (minus the dark chocolate) and mix together to form a gloopy texture.

With wet hands roll the mixture into balls and place on a baking parchment lined tray. Place the balls in to the fridge or freezer to set. (at least 30 mins)

Once the balls have firmed up, melt your dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan on the hob. Roll the balls in the melted chocolate and return to the fridge to set again.

Finally, when set, decorate with your best Halloween inspired looks. (Pumpkin, Vampire, Monster…. and keep in the fridge for up to 4 days)

With any left over Chocolate Nibs and Melted chocolate create some Banana Ghost by simply  chopping the bananas in half and create a ghoulish face on each of the banana halves with the chocolate.


Enjoy Halloween but keep the frightening binge monster away by not over indulging and by including your ‘treats‘ as part of your daily calorie intake not as a festive extra.

What Halloween Treats have you gone with this year?

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