Ladies who Lift

I’m so happy that the way in which women exercise has and is changing… yet we still have more of a way to go.

Women stereotypically tend to be found in the cardio section of the gym or participating in a class. Why is this? For some reason we have allowed strength to be seen as a mans thing… only men can lift weights and after all if as women we lift weights we would start to look ‘manly’ wouldn’t we? …. Wrong! Dont wait lift weights.png

Simply put; any worry you have of becoming ‘too muscly’ through lifting weights needs to fly out of your head right now. You wont.

“But what about female body builders and the women we see on social media that have very muscular physiques? If they look like that surely I will too if I start lifting?!”

Again put simply… no, you wont.

Women within body building or within the fitness industry who have these kinds of physiques train very specifically for it; it becomes their life and quite frankly they have help to get that way. Whereas for someone who is looking to incorporate more exercise into their routine without having it take over their life, someone who wants to be stronger, fitter and feel more confident in their own skin, an overly muscular body isn’t something to worry about.

We have a completely different genetic make up to men which is why men can gain muscle mass in a way that we as women can not (at least not with out very specific help); so don’t worry about becoming more ‘manly’ if you start to lift weights. Truth be told majority of the women that you find utterly sexy and feminine will most likely not just a boys playgroundincorporate weights into their training. Women are strong, sexy and magnificent and should celebrate what makes them different to men but shouldn’t limit themselves because of those differences. As I’ve already stated women and men have a different genetic make up, which is why men tend to be the ones that grow facial hair, women tend to be the ones that have bigger breast tissue and why men tend to have more natural upper body strength whereas we hold most of our strength in our lower body – that’s just the way we are programmed. However we do have the ability, like men, to gain muscle mass suitable for our structure and strengthen areas of our bodies that are naturally that bit weaker.

But what are the pro’s of getting off the treadmill and into the weights room? Is it really worth it when you feel completely out of your depth and feel uncomfortable being surrounded by big muscly men; who are probably laughing at how weak you are, if not how wrong your technique is?

Well firstly, yes you will always get people that criticize more than they support, unfortunately that’s life. However, some of the people that look like they know what they are doing actually don’t, the majority wont bat two eye lids at you as they are concentrating on what they are doing and furthermore a huge handful will silently congratulate you for pushing yourself.

But in case you’re still not convinced; here are some more reasons why you should get lifting…

Weights not only help increase muscle mass and muscle strength but they also:

  • strengthen bones and joints
  • reduce body fat
  • help shape your body (whilst still adhering to your bodies natural shape)
  • reduce your risk of injury
  • reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Improve your posture
  • Burn more calories in a shorter space of time
  •  Enhance your mood and reduce your stress levels.

What they don’t do is make you bulk up and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you want the body builder look you have to put in a lot more time, and really restrict/be specific with everything that you put into your body. Lifting weights a few times a week wont get you there.

So stop being fearful of the weights section ladies! We are strong ass creatures that are capable of so much – including lifting weights!!

Do be careful however that you are using weights correctly; you don’t want to do yourself any damage in the quest for a stronger more confident you. So get yourself a qualified PT or ask a fitness coach in your gym to help show you what to do. It’ll be worth it.

Better yet sign up to join my all ladies training group “Laura’s Ladies who Lift” and become part of a community of strong women whilst growing in knowledge, ability and strength!

Email for more information.

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