Monday Motivation

Motivation: A key element for success.

Whether you are aiming to climb the ladder in your career, get the deposit for that house or shift a few extra pounds… Motivation is key. Yet it is the one thing the majority of people say they lack.

The question is… why?

Why do we struggle to do the things we need to do to get to where we want to be?

Is it fear? Lack of knowledge? Feelings of inadequacy?

Habit? Laziness? Or is it that we just don’t have the time we need in order to focus on our goals?

I can guarantee lack of time is one of the most used reasons for people not achieving their goals….but I would argue it is an excuse not a reason.

There are 24 hours in a day. Give yourself an average of 8 to sleep, 8 for your job (I understand not everyone has a 9-5 job though), 2 for travel, 2 for down time and you still have another 4 to play with. Yes life isn’t that straight forward but the point I’m making is we have time, we just have to prioritise and utilise it properly.

I have fell into the habit of watching one extra episode of whatever series I’m binging at the time instead of being productive, or reasoned that I need to get to bed rather than staying up an extra 30mins to prep my food for the next day…. but ultimately they are excuses. They are excuses that are stopping me from reaching my goals. Sure you need time to yourself, to not be productive and instead just be. You need some down time, time to relax and unwind; but you have to draw the line at some point and not let all your spare time become ‘down time’.


Start by allowing yourself time to watch one hour of TV, but only one hour before you crack on with things that need to be done. Or make a promise to yourself that you won’t sit down when you get home until you have put the washing in, gone for a jog or made the tea. Set yourself little boundaries to begin with to manage your time better and before you know it not only will you have created more productive habits but you’ll feel better for it.

Unfortunately motivation isn’t something you can bottle and buy at your local supermarket; instead you have to make a batch yourself and sometimes even pretend you have it until some finds its way to you for real.

Fake it untill you make it.png

Now what if time isn’t your excuse, what if it’s more to do with your fear or lack of knowledge on how to get to where you want to be?

In this instance; communicate. Talk to people who have either been in a similar situation to you or have achieved the things you are after and ask their advice on how to get there. There is enough success to go around so you shouldn’t feel like people will begrudge helping you; and if they do, accept that they still have things to work on and find someone else who will help.

Alongside this, communicate with yourself. Write down what it is you want to achieve and then start to formulate a plan; put it onto paper. Seeing things in front of you will help you to have a clearer understanding on what you need to do rather than just getting lost in your thoughts. Pen to paper helps bring things to life, whereas if we keep everything in our heads our emotions mix themselves up with the logic and get in the way.

Create a vision board with your goals clearly outlined, put post-it reminders around your house/desk so you don’t forget things and instead of just creating a to-do list transfer the 5 highest priority ‘to-do’s’ onto a must-do list – allowing yourself to not worry about everything else on the to-do list until the must-do’s are completed (that’s a lot of -do’s!).

Organise your mind and prioritise your time. Bettyoucanpostits.png

Dedication. Motivation. Application.

If you don’t believe in yourself or are scared of failure, just know you are not alone but also that failure is fantastic!

Hear me out.

Failure means not only did you try but that you are now one step closer to your goals. Failure is a learning curve not an end result. So stare in the face of failure and thank it for teaching you. Everyone fails, its a quality we all share, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed at the prospect of it and you definitely shouldn’t let it hold you back!

Take note of what went wrong, take a deep breath and go again. You’ve got this.

Plus when you get there you will feel so elated and proud of yourself that you will be grateful of the obstacles you faced; you won’t take your achievements for granted like you might do if they were just handed to you on a plate.

So yes, you might feel like you are lacking in motivation and that this is holding you back. You might feel like you have to wait for the ‘right-time’ to achieve your dreams. But when these thoughts creep into your head and stop you from getting up early to get that workout in, or stop you from signing up to that new course, or even force you to bed earlier rather than having an extra hour of productiveness… know that you have the key you’re just not using it.

Motivation is Key. But you hold it. Unlock your true potential.

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You hold the key

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